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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Quick Trip to Asheville and A Little Disappointment

Two weeks ago, I (disobeyed my doctor's orders and) made a quick, last-minute trip to Asheville's Tobacco Barn before baby girl would arrive.  It is such a great store- it's a lot like the Sleepy Poet here in Charlotte, but often the "good finds" don't get grabbed up as quickly as they do here. 

I went to Asheville for a reason...  After spotting this Southern Living breakfast room, I was determined to use a settee in my own breakfast room.  I had the perfectly sized settee sitting at the foot of my bed- it was really too big for my bedroom, but it fit perfectly in the breakfast area of our kitchen.    Of course, once the settee was in, my breakfast room table's 60-inch top seemed WAY too big, even with one of the dropleaf sides folded down. 

While debating splurging on a Saarinen or doing something a little easier on my checkbook, I remembered a fabulous pineapple pedestal table I had seen at the Tobacco Barn.  Its 42-inch glass top would be the perfect size for the breakfast area.  While the base was green and yellow, I knew I would paint the HEAVY cast-iron base white to make it a bit more modern. 

But it wasn't until I was home with the table that my husband pointed out something I didn't think about- a metal pedestal with a glass top is not a very child-friendly choice. The little guy could easily pull on the glass and pull the glass (or the whole table, heaven forbid) over. There is really no way (that I know of) to affix the glass to the base without ugly glue or epoxy showing. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to know! I am considering finding a round wooden table top that I can screw on to the metal base. But that project will have to wait until after baby girl gets here Friday...

So in the meantime, I am now several hundred dollars poorer, and I have a freshly painted white pineapple table sitting in my driveway.  What a disappointment...

Anyway, although I spent a lot of time and money on this project that hasn't yet panned out, I did enjoy going to Asheville and taking a quick spin around the Tobacco Barn.  I know that eventually I will make the table work- it was just bad timing to start a project like that knowing baby girl's d-date was 2 weeks away. 

Here are a few of my favorite finds from The Tobacco Barn:

I can't get enough tassles- they are so fabulous and chic!  I loved this silver and gold mirror with tassle accents, and it was less than $200 I believe!

I was really drawn to the lines of this pair of vintage chairs.  They would be gorgeous in a dining room, flanking either side of a buffet or sideboard.

This mirrored parsons end table would add instant glamour to any room!

This gentleman's campaign desk was only $99!

With the right shade, this vintage lamp with Greek key trim would be fabulous!

I'd love to use this little tole pagoda chandelier in a powder room!

This brass parrot on a stand *almost* came home with me!

I never get tired of ornate, baroque mirrors.  This one is gorgeous as/is or could be lacquered white for a chic modern look.  It was $595 which is a little high, but the quality of the piece seemed really good.

If they had had a pair of these vintage stools, I would have grabbed them up to go at the foot of my bed!  I love the vintage fringey trim especially.

This vintage gold-and-crystal chandelier is over the top but so stylish. 

Drop-leaf tables are so practical and useful.  I fell in love with this one with the inlaid Greek key pattern in the wood.

If any of you are going to be in the Asheville area and love Hollywood Regency style, you need to grab this brass tree.  I am nearly POSITIVE it's a C. Jere piece, and it is WAY undervalued.  It's marked $400 I believe, but I am sure you could get it for less, probably $300.  Check out the competition here and here.  It's really tall, and the base lights up.  It's definitely a fantastic piece, and my photo doesn't do it justice.

And probably my favorite find is this pair of gold tassle chairs and matching sofa.  The ivory upholstery is in perfect condition, and the tassle legs and arms on the chairs and sofa are so glam.  I believe the entire set was less than $1,000.  Crazy!


Melissa said...

Do you think if you give birth in the Tobacco Warehouse you get free antiquing for life?:-) I am in a similar boat with coffee tables-- I really want one with a glass top, but the toddler-death-factor is too high. Then it occured to me to get a slab of lucite cut--I'm not sure I would risk that heavy base falling on my wee ones either way, but at least it's an better option than glass.
Wish I had that desk in the store!

Kerry said...

Congrats on your soon-to-arrive baby. Ikea has a Saarinen look table for $179. It might be a good low cost option until the little ones are bigger and the pineapple can be used. I know I have a few pieces that I am waiting to get (lucite coffee Table)until mine is a bit older.

A Flair for Vintage Decor said...

Love the Tobacco Barn in Asheville...I have not been there in a few years...but after seeing your pictures...I really want to go back soon! Take care, Caroline

Wives said...

Ok, this is an AWESOME post! So excited. My in-laws have a place in Asheville and I'm stoked to find this store in October when we're there. Also cant wait to check out Hickory and the furniture. Let me know if I can pick up anything for you in October. I'm local :)

Virginia Hortela said...

Nossa!!! Amei tudo...mais as cadeiras...lindas demais! Beijos.

tarheel said...

How heavy is that glass top? I'll bet your little man cannot pull it over. My parents had one in our house when we were younger, and I don't remember it ever even slipping or anything.

kayce hughes said...

you arm making me want to jump in the car right now!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the baby. I think you can totally use that table for a year or so until the baby is big enough to walk/pull it down...

Nutbird said...

But what about the settee? Once the kids are out of high chairs they spill and throw things around. The settee will probably be ruined. Ann

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

That table is gorgeous and I bet it looks amazing with the pineapple base painted white. I hope you can figure out a safe way to incorporate it into your excited for Friday! XO

nkp said...

Hi there! Have you considered trying clear silicone? It acts as an adhesive, is clear, and should bond glass and metal.
I've used it in a similar situation with a shelf and it worked great!

Love Asheville, love the Tobacco Barn, thanks for the virtual getaway!

Anonymous said...

I have a glass top table and it is so heavy the little ones can't pull it over. But watch out for fingerprints!

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