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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Custom Coquillage Shell Mirrors and Accessories from Seacache Designs

We have blogged numerous times about how much we love using seashells in decor.  Coquillage is the art of covering frames, mirrors, or furniture with shells.  Shells add an organic element to a room, and they aren't just for beach houses anymore!  Shell accessories are a fantastic way to modernize and add a freshness to a traditional room.  We are delighted to introduce you to Seacache Designs, hand-created by the incredibly talented South Carolina artist Donna Goodman. 

30-inch by 30-inch, $175 plus shipping

Donna was born in the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina and has spent some of the most special times of her life at the beach.  As a child she always entertained herself by picking up shells with her mother; as an adult, hunting for shells became a favorite pastime for Donna and her daughter; today, she loves to comb the Carolina beaches with her granddaughter, looking for unique shells and pieces of driftwood.  While every now and then she may find a whole sand dollar or conch shell, Donna most often returns home with a bag full of "ordinary" shells that have a special color, shine, texture, or pattern.   

26-inch by 20-inch, $175 plus shipping

Seacache shell mirrors are hand-made from shells Donna has collected on Carolina beaches.  The shells are affixed to antique mirrors that have been restored.  The mirrors are finished on the back with upholstery fabric and lip trim, fitted with brass hangers and wire to accommodate the specific weight of the finished mirror.

30-inch by 20-inch, $200 plus shipping

Seacache also makes stunning shell chandeliers and lamps.  We absolutely love shell chandeliers, especially in a breakfast room or entryway! 

Each mirror is 30-inch by 20-inch, $200 each or $350 for the pair plus shipping

Donna describes Seacache mirrors as quiet and understated.  The bring unity, balance, and rhythm to a room and represent that special memory of a long walk on the beach. 
Another Seacache creation uses smooth, worn driftwood around an antique mirror.

36-inch by 30-inch, $225 plus shipping
Oyster shells cover the Carolina beaches, and their beauty adds a simple elegance to a mirror.

30-inch by 30-inch, $225 plus shipping

We are thrilled to feature a white oyster shell mirror from Seacache Designs on MoS Marketplace as well as a driftwood mirror!  Check them out here!  You will be amazed at the quality, the craftsmanship, and the price!  If you are interested in any of the Seacache pieces you have seen here or would like to commission a custom design, email us at


Betsy said...

Wow! What beautiful, unique pieces for amazing prices. It makes me want a beach house.

Anonymous said...

These are amazing! What an incredible use of natural resources brought into your home. Beautiful.

MLB said...

WOW. Those are absolutely gorgeous! And the prices seem really good, no??

MAB said...

Wow, beautiful mirrors! I need to find the perfect place in my home for one.

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