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Monday, June 13, 2011

Re-purposing to Freshen up the Front Porch

 We live in a ranch, and as you know, ranches typically don't have much in the way of front porches.  Ours is basically a covered area around the front door, but there isn't much to it.  It's always a challenge to find ways to make it welcoming.  A few months ago when I was in Charleston, I picked up this koi pedestal at an antique store.  I believe the pedestal is actually the base of a bird bath. Scrapping the basin part of the bird bath and just using the base is a good way to re-purpose it into something more useful.  I've seen some fabulous Hollywood Regency-esque bird baths (seahorses, palm trees, pineapples, etc) in antique stores and consignment shops that would be perfect to re-purpose this way. Keep an open mind!

I initially planned to put a piece of glass on it and use it indoors, but with a very curious 18-month old, I don't think it would be stable enough.  So I thought I'd find a way to use it on my front porch.

It was sort of a blah beige color, so I decided to paint it glossy white so it would look fresh and up-to-date.
 Since it is made of concrete, it was really easy to paint white!

Back on the porch, it's a nice glossy white (ignore the cloudiness in my camera lense from the HUMIDITY this weekend).

I picked up the biggest fern I could find to go on the koi pedestal.  Ferns are so welcoming on a summertime front porch, and their fullness and height allows them to really make a statement.

I placed the fern on top of the newly painted koi pedestal and set it in the corner.

I like what it adds to my front porch!  It was such an easy and inexpensive way to do something a little different on the porch.  Maybe one day a few years from now, the koi pedestal will make its way into my house.  But for now, it will do just fine on the front porch!


Melissa said...

That's fantastic! I didn't realize it was so easy to paint concrete- and bless your heart having to be pregnant in this weather.

kayce hughes said...

Love it!

Reed & Gray's Mommy said...

I love that. Need to find one of those pedestal things for my ranch porch here in birmingham!

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

It is beautiful! You did such a great job updating it! MOS I need help...we want to get a rocking chair or that is not too expensive and will not take up TOO much room...please let me know if you come across anything! It seems like rocking chairs are hard to find and most stores just sell gliders these days?!

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