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Friday, June 24, 2011

Banana Goes Mad

Call me crazy, but am I the only one who thinks that Banana Republic has gone way downhill lately? I visited a few weeks ago with my mom, and even with a 40% off coupon burning a hole in our pocket, we couldn't manage to buy a single thing! I used to rely on them for great work clothes- sharp jackets and pretty sheath dresses- but these days, nada! So I was very hopeful when I read that Banana is teaming up with the Mad Men costume designer, Janie Bryant, to debut a capsule collection out this August.

Finally, some things I actually can't wait to try on!

I am loving their ladylike dresses that will transition well into fall.

A gorgeous skirt suit- count me in!

 Love the silhouette of these pants...and great bag!

 Ladylike retro pumps.

Animal print- yes- where have you been hiding! 

Gorgeous dress that I can see flattering most any body.

I love how refreshingly ladlylike these clothes much as I love J Crew's more downtown, casual offerings these days, it seems like the glamour has gone out of clothing lately...let's hope this brings it back.

Have a great weekend, all- I am off to Charlotte to spend some much needed QT with my favorite mama-to-be (x2)! Sleepy Poet, watch out!!!


Southern Princess said...

I feel the same way about BR, but when I saw this yesterday I got really excited! I love Mad Men and have always liked the 60's style dresses. Hopefully we can get another 40% off coupon by the time these items are released! LOL

Anonymous said...

BR use to be my go to store but is been at least a year since I purchased anything from them. I am hopeful about the Mad Men collection.

Eclectic Etcetera said...

Agreed on the Banana as of late. I always know I can go in and find something if I can't find an outfit anywhere else. But lately... I've been let down. LOVE the images of the new stuff, though! I'll have to head back in when it hits racks.

traci zeller designs said...

I used to adore Banana Republic but I've hardly shopped there in *forever.* I'm loving some of these pieces, though, so I'm feeling hopeful!!

Hope the MoS girls have great fun this weekend - and call me if there's something I *need* at Sleepy Poet!!

mosaicology said...

Oh really loving these classy outfits!

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