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Friday, April 8, 2011

Thrift Store Score

Don't you just HATE when you make repeated visits to your favorite thrift store and come up empty handed time after time? It makes you wonder why you even started going there in the first place. I was feeling that way until last week, when I swung by to drop of a bag of donations and spied this lobster (crawfish?) dish sitting on the shelf! Compartmentalized bowls like this are great for serving little appetizers at a party- I will fill one bowl with wasabi peas, one with mixed nuts, and one with peanuts. 

Maybe it was karma since this time I was actually donating, not just shopping!

Bon weekend, everyone!

1 comment:

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

I love this dish! It would be perfect for serving nuts, chips, etc with cocktails. Great find MOS!

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