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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Search for Tassel Earrings

So thanks to my fabulous friend Traci, we are planning a hot date next month with the most dashingly handsome gentleman I can imagine.  By the time the day of the event rolls around, you will probably be tired of hearing us talk about it.  In my current state, there aren't a ton of chic choices for evening attire, so I think I'm going to have to let my accessories do the talking. 

I'm sure most of the ladies attending have already headed to Capitol to pick out their dresses.  Sadly, Mr. de la Renta doesn't do maternity, so I thought I'd check out some of his (sizeless) accessories.  I almost died when I saw this pair of beaded turquoise tassel earrings.  I am seriously in LOVE with them.  Wouldn't they be dramatic with a simple black dress?

Tassels have been all the rage lately.  Natalie Portman sported a fancy pair with her Oscar gown (she's also pregnant- maybe it's a sign that I need some tassel earrings).

This pair from Ivanka Trump's jewelry line (which sadly is much less affordable than her shoe line) is so elegant.  She is pregnant too!  Hmmmm, another sign...
And Kate H looks so chic at the Golden Globes in her strapless gown with tassel earrings.  Lo and behold, she's pregnant too!

Etsy has some great choices for tassel earrings.  This first pair is a vintage pair from Paris's Moulin Rouge.  The listing doesn't specify if they were actually worn as earrings or somewhere else...  Use your imagination there and then decide if you want to buy them.

I am seriously considering the turquoise pair of these silk tassel earrings.  No, they aren't beaded, but they would look so pretty with a simple gown.

Citron is a color that has really grown on me, and these beaded tassel earrings are simply beautiful.  I bet they make a nice soft rustling sound when you walk.

For basic black, this pair is super affordable and stylish. 

I have to say that when it comes to Hollywood pregnancy trends, I much prefer the tassel earrings to skimpy bikinis and bare tummies.  Have you seen any more affordable versions of the Oscar de la Renta beaded tassel earrings?  I would be forever indebted if you told me where you saw them!  More on Mr. de la Renta to come...  Have a great weekend!


christine {bijouandboheme} said...

I haven't yet but them! I think the yellow are my favourites- sooo gorgeous.

Evie said...

I hadn't yet considered tassle earrings but I'm glad they are now on my radar!

kayce hughes said...

If you find some let us know. Now I am wanting the Oscar ones too!

traci zeller designs said...

The more you talk about them, the more convinced I am that you *need* them!! I love the etsy lemon yellow ones, too. I find the black so tempting (versatile!), but my hair is so dark that I have to stay away from black earrings or you'd never see them. :-(

LMM said...

wow I love these. you have officially inspired me for my upcoming Junior League gala. now i need a dress idea please ;-) thank you!

Betsy said...

The turquoise silk ones would be SOO pretty with a black dress and fun shoes!!

Alena said...

Such great earrings. The yellow ones from Etsy are stunning!

Aldina said...

I don't have any either...are they heavy or fairly light? Thanks for the etsy links.

Cirlce of Design Fashion Illustration

Kate @ Daffodils said...

You could try a boutique like Francesa's for a cheaper version. They have great earrings and are usually on trend!

Anonymous said...

it seems like either of these could easily be fashioned into earrings

julie said...

Try these from my etsy shop, gaslightme:

Thank you!

Julie @ Gaslight

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