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Monday, April 4, 2011

Miles Ahead

I'm still too wary of House Beautiful to actually renew my subscription (after the "Makeover Issue" disappointment), and I have to say, this month's cover isn't exactly helping their case. 

However, I'll read most anything while waiting in line at the grocery store, so I decided to give the "American Style" issue a spin. A was a bit underwhelmed at the "all beige" house that was one of the features (seriously, EVERYTHING was beige in the living room, not one hint of color anywhere). But my eyes popped when I turned the page to behold this:

Ruffed drapes..jewel colors...contrasting patterns...venetian mirrors...well, I realized, this must be the new Miles Redd house that everyone's been talking about! And it does NOT disappoint.

 A gorgeous master bedroom- I can't keep my eyes off what looks to be mirrored bedposts?

 The child's room- with a glimpse of Redd's signature nailhead studded doors. How whimsically sophisticated is that wallpaper?

More pink (lacquer?) walls, brightly colored velvet, animal print pillows...classic Redd. I love this jewel box of a library.

More views of the house. He does color so well- and you can see it's consistent throughout the house, keeping in the turquoise/light aqua realm with shots of purple.

I'm sure these photos will be circulating the blogosphere for years to come like so many of Redd's other works. After struggling to connect with many of the homes featured in design magazines, isn't it nice to turn a page and say "ahhhh, I love that!" without hesitation?


Chic Coles said...

He always delivers.What a beautiful house.

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

Miles has sort of become my "go-to" guy for color inspiration. I love how he takes risks and brings some whimsy into any space. Just beautiful!

Julie said...

Sadly, while this feature was fantastic, the rest of the issue was SO disappointing. I will not renew my subscription when the time comes.

Betsy said...

As always, he gets it right! Love every single color. Great post.

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