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Friday, April 15, 2011

Looking for some Charlottesville suggestions!

Thrilled to be heading down to Charlottesville this weekend, but the forecasted thunderstorms might put a damper on our outdoor activities during the day! I'm no longer up on the C'ville shopping scene and was hoping for some good recommendations, clothing and home-related. Ya know, some fun places to visit while I'm killing time between Bellair and Bodos.

Anything good on the downtown mall? Any fun vintage stores? Is there a "Sleepy Poet" equivalent in C'ville? Any great antique or thrift stores?

Any last minute tips would be much appreciated!


A Flair for Vintage Decor said...

My favorites in C-ville...Circa, Patina Antiques (Ivy Rd), Kenny Ball Antiques ($$$, but there is a consignment store in the same shopping center- which can have some great finds). Antiquer's Mall (more like an antique mall with multiple dealers/booths, is just a little outside c-ville in ruckersville). Possessions Recycled is good and across the road from Circa. Oh, I have always wanted to drop into andGeorge just to see! I miss Bodos very much!! Have fun! Caroline

CatyinPhilly said...

ugh, how i miss charlottesville. If its not too rainy, i'd just wander down the mall - a lot of stores have changed since I've been there. I do know that there are a couple new places that are really cute right up past the big parking garage. a few new furniture and clothing stores behind south street brewery...

CatyinPhilly said...

Ugh, I miss Charlottesville. There are some cute new furniture/antique stores that opened up on garret st. behind south street brewery (last time i was there). of course a walk down the downtown mall is required. its always changing.

Jeannine @ Small and Chic said...

I live in Charlottesville!

Places to hit downtown:
Quince (Sharon the owner is hilarious)
C&A Camp (across from Quince, owner is extremely high energy!)
Artifacts (amazing'll want to take it ALL home)
Caspari (insanely expensive, but a fun stop)
Galleries, galleries, galleries!

Ivy Road:
The Shade Shop (big sale this weekend...30% off in stock stuff)
Antique stores in the same little strip mall as The Shade Shop

The Curious Orange (out past Bellair Market, old oil company building)

And George (insane prices, but interesting stop)

St. ____ Thrift Shop (near And George...some kitch, some cool finds)

The Barn Swallow (a little further out)

Also, on the way down Route 29, there's a little area just before Charlottesville with about five antique stores. Three are in run down buildings (go left on Route 33 and they are right at that intersection). One is a two story building on the right. The highest end one is straight down, the Antiquer's Mall. Obviously, they are all a little hit or miss. The area is called Ruckersville.

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to email me (smallchic at gmail).

Have a safe trip!!!

Anonymous said...

Scarpa, at Barracks Road is a really fun shoe store with fabulous customer service. Several interesting clothing stores in/around the Mall. Don your rain gear and stroll without a lot of crowds. The City Market on Saturday morning has some artists as well as the expected food vendors. There are also some really good bookstores along the Mall where you can get lost for awhile. At some point you'll have to eat. Ten - awesome sushi. Siips - great wine bar. Tavola - awesome rustic Italian. Mas - OMG tapas. BBQ Exchange - about a half hour drive from C'ville, but kick-butt barbecue with everything made from scratch.

Karla said...

Go to And George

traci zeller designs said...

I desperately miss Arch's frozen yogurt. Is that still there? And I loved Scarpa ...

Jeannine @ Small and Chic said...

Arch's is still there. There are now three locations: The Corner, Ivy Road, and Emmet Street, across from Anthropologie. :)

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