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Friday, March 11, 2011

Wheels Up!

About the time most of you are having your morning coffee, MoS Charlotte and I will be aloft in the friendly skies, perhaps putting our seats in the upright position for landing as we head down to spend a weekend together in South Florida.

We've got a lot of ground to cover in just two short days...our agenda includes Worth Ave, the Church Mouse, Circa Who, C Orrico,C Bell, Mecox Gardens, and perhaps most importantly, the many Dixie Highway thrift we'll have plenty to share!
We're tickled that so many of you got a kick out of our post yesterday about crazy Craigslist prices. As one commenter said, some people have been watching way too much Antiques Roadshow...well put. In the spirit of proving there are still some NON-crazy Craigslist sellers out there...and since due to our FL trip, we're in a bamboo state of mind- check out these items I just found during one of my daily searches.

This Thomasville faux bamboo china hutch and table base are STEALS! $250 and $150 respectively. Do you know what these would sell for in South Florida? A LOT. I acutally bought the matching dining chairs that this seller was also offering last week- they are great- I can't wait to show them to you once I do a little work to them.

Hello gorgeous- this faux bamboo coffee table base is such a classic chinoiserie piece...for $75...yes please. If it wasn't for my faux bamboo moratorium (I have WAY too much already) I would have snapped this up!

Bon weekend, and we'll be back Monday with some dispatches from Florida!


Danielle {freshquince} said... you bought those chairs! I have been eyeing that hutch for like ever...gorgeous for sure! Have a wonderful time in Florida!!! Wish I could pop into Circa Who!!!

Leah Moss said...

have an awesome time and soak up some sun for the rest of us in DC!

Margaret said...

Welcome to my neck of the woods!!! I'm up in Delray Beach( about 20 mins south of West Palm)- If you venture south I've got LOADS of places to show you down here!

seriously. Hit me up


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