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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Ultimate Fashion Baby!

Last week, stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe gave birth to her first child, a boy named Skyler Morrison. And just days before, she was doing what most other 9-months-pregnant women do...scooting around town in 6 inch leopard booties!

And not long before that...6 inch platform boots! Aside from the footwear, I'm kind of digging her maternity style- comfy yet completely chic. Lots of leggings. And she doesn't forget to accessorize.

It's kind of crazy that this picture was taken just last month!

Last night they posted their first picture of the baby. Unfortunately we can't tell what he's wearing, but I trust there's a fierce onesie under that blanket.

I am seriously hoping they bring back her Bravo show...I would LOVE to see how she functions as a mother- how hands-on she gets, if she tries to nurse, how this impacts her business, if she goes back to being scary skinny, etc. Oh RZ, you always continue to fascinate! 


Nicole said...

I'm a total Bravo junkie, too, and I definitely vote for another season of RZ. I am fascinated by the difference between her and Bethenney's relationships. Thanks for posting pix!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

This is the first pic. I have seen of the baby! I love the show and am so happy for them. I do recall Rachael saying they were going to name their first child "Scarlet Begonias"...I never forget a Grateful Dead reference! xx

Aldina said...

Such a cute baby! Her Bravo show was fun.
Wow, way to stay stylish even while pregnant.

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