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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I wish I possessed Martha Stewart's love for cleaning the house (although I am pretty certain she doesn't actually clean her own house).  Don't get me wrong- I love a clean house, and I don't mind organizing every now and then.  But when it comes to actual cleaning, let's just say I'd give up every non-essential expenditure in my life before I'd give up having someone else clean my house.  Even if you dislike cleaning as much as I do, you might be tempted to use a mop or broom if you had some of Alice Supply Company's cleaning products in your home.  Designer Trina Turk has teamed up with Alice Supply to add some of her chic graphic patterns to cleaning essentials.  The designs are so cute you don't want to hide these in your laundry room!

A dustpan lined with a retro navy and green graphic pattern:

A wood dustbrush in the same pattern- perfect for dusting those hard to reach places behind your furniture:

One thing I use ALL the time is my little toolbox.  I keep a little hammer, some picture hanging kits, screwdrivers, and pliers in my toolbox and use it at least once a week.  Mine isn't nearly as cute as this striped metal toolbox though!

I'm not really an avid gardener, but maybe this adorable set of tools would improve my black thumb.

Watering those plants I am always trying to keep alive would be more fun with this bright green hose with a striped nozzle.

Frustrated that a certain male in your house is always borrowing your hammer and not returning it to your little toolbox?  We bet he wouldn't be caught dead banging away with this cute nautical striped hammer. 

Check out the rest of Alice Supply's chic line here


Chic Coles said...

We love the hammer.All those supplies would sure cheer up any cleaning job.

Loucinda said...

I love the little nautical hammer, too. And the toolbox!

MLB said...

I have a green Alice toolbox - I absolutely love it!

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