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Monday, March 14, 2011

Packing for Palm Beach

MoS Washington and I had the most amazing weekend with her family in Palm Beach!  We are so excited to share our weekend shopping highlights with you this week!  I had never been to Palm Beach before, so I wasn't sure what to pack (can you wear sandals in March?).  I took a guess and packed the most fun outfits in my (not-so-exciting maternity) wardrobe.  A trip to Palm Beach is the perfect excuse to wear lots of color, fun accessories, and white jeans 24/7, right?  I had such a good time putting outfits together (outfits that might get a few funny looks in other cities, at least in March!) that I thought I'd share them with you!

Day #1, Airplane Ride, Lunch and Shopping in Palm Beach
Joe's Maternity Jeans
Yellow Empire Waist Top from Destination Maternity (blah I hate that store)
Turquoise Tassel Scarf (like Matta but WAY cheaper)
Turquoise Lilly Sandals, a gift from my sister in law!
Terry Pucci Tote

Night #1, Dinner with MoS Washington's Amazing Family
Black Tory Burch Clutch, a gift from my sister!
Purple Agate Necklace
Black Flat Louboutin Sandals

Day #2, Shopping on Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach
White Jeans
Black Liz Lange for Target Tee
Turquoise Tom's
Pucci Tote

Day #3, Heading Home
White jeans (again)
Coral Ruffled Tank from Destination Maternity
Stack of bangles (from Old Navy to Hermes)
Black flat sandals
Pucci Tote

We can't wait to share the trip with you! 


Kelly Krugh said...

You should consider "wearing" your LV suitcase as one of your outfits :) I'm joking, course, but I am totally in love with your suitcase! Have a great trip!

nancy said...

Your outfits looked so great. I especially love the 'dinner with MOS Washington's amazing family' outfit, but all of them made me wish I could have gone on your trip [me wearing those outfits, you'd have to come up with something else I guess].
Wondering: How far along are you in your pregnancy now? I seem to have lost track. Oh, and none of those outfits looks like non-glam maternity wear.

mbw said...

Okay please share where you picked up the turquoise Toms! They are the perfect color. I don't see them online, but have to have a pair! Thanks so much!

The Matters of Style Girls said...

MBW, I got them at Neiman Marcus sometime around Christmas. Not sure if they still have them!

MLB said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh such CUTE OUTFITS! Love them all.

traci zeller designs said...

You are just way too cute. Love the outfits! Somehow Pookie & Sebastian fell off my list of spots to hit ... but seeing your necklace, I need to reconsider!!

Betsy said...

Cute, cute, cute outfits!!

Baylor Love said...

How cute!! Can't wait to hear about your shopping successes....I could spend every day on Dixie.

And yes, EVERYONE wears white jeans down here 24/7. That cracked me up.

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

Love your outfits MOS! You are so glam! I need to take this as inspiration as my maternity options have been making me feel less than inspired lately! I can't wait to pick up a pair of white maternity jeans soon though...the weather here just needs to be a little warmer!

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