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Friday, March 18, 2011

Making Our Way Up Dixie Highway

Certainly one of the highlights of our trip to Palm Beach (other than feeling REALLY old watching the Spring Break 2011 college students partying on my 8:00am flight) was heading up Dixie Highway to check out the truly amazing furniture stores in West Palm Beach.  Dixie Highway is dotted with a tremendous range of stores, from true donation-only thrift stores to high-end resellers who have re-finished, re-covered, and re-priced their vintage finds.  Many of the higher-end Dixie Hwy stores don't open until noon on Saturday.  We feel quite confident that they spend their early Saturday mornings scouring estate sales, thrift stores, and auctions.  We definitely witnessed some high end sellers shopping at thrift stores and then wiping off the thrift store prices and marking the price x 10 for their higher end stores. 

Our first stop on Dixie Highway was the Lord's Place Thrift Store.  It's definitely a true donation-only thrift store, where the prices are unbeatable, but you have to dig to find the treasures.  This faux bamboo console was $60 and in fabulous condition.  It was so pretty that we might even resist the temptation to repaint!

We also spotted this wrought iron anchor lamp- wouldn't it be cute in a boy's bedroom at the beach?  I think it was around $12 or so.

Our next stop was the Palm Beach Home Collection.  This store is a mixture of vintage finds and consignments, and we saw so many things we loved.

I can't stop thinking about this set of chrome and woven (rattan?) chairs.  The shiny chrome with the textural seat such an unexpected combination, and they would be so gorgeous in a breakfast room.   They were $1200 for the set of 6 chairs.

This tole lantern chandelier reminds us so much of all the fabulous chandeliers at J. McLaughlin.

We just loved this black and white spotted chrome chair as well.  The pair was $375 I believe.

On our way out the door with our purchases, I spotted this pair of very tall mirrors.  I believe they were around $150 each which is a great price. 

Our next stop was one of Meg Braff's recommendations, Shi and Erhard.  This store was truly an AMAZING collection of all of our favorite things- colorful faux bamboo, lucite, and chinoiserie.  The prices are definitely not cheap, but they aren't so crazy that you couldn't justify them if you truly loved something. 

This huge natural clamshell caught our eye- it was $1200 which is a good price relative to the other comparable shells we saw that day.  MoS Washington's chic mama has a similar shell filled with smaller shells in her living room fireplace.  The little lucite bench is adorable too!

There is no shortage of exotic animal skins at Shi and Erhard.  We saw lions, zebras, and wolves.  These definitely aren't for the faint of heart (or those with a thin wallet).

This knotted chair is just like the one in Meg Braff's dressing room!  We'll take a whole set please!

After Shi and Erhard, we ventured over to a more reasonable store- Nettie's Thrift and Consignment.  This is one place where we saw some high-end store owners shopping for their own stores!  We both fell in love with this pair of lucite nightstands- if only we could fit them in our suitcases!  The pair was around $250 (they are stacked on top of each other).

Isn't this art with shells and vintage jewelry amazing?  If you had the time and inclination, you could probably do this yourself as a nice way to display mementos from a trip.

I came so close to buying this tole lantern for my front porch.  The price was great ($10), but the thought of all the re-painting, re-wiring, re-hanging etc made my pregnant self feel a little too tired to purchase.

I can't remember the name of our next stop, but they had some truly amazing pieces like this white ming coffee table.  I also spotted this zebra ($1250) that is EXACTLY like the one I passed up for $30 in Charleston.

Wouldn't this pagoda mirror be adorable in a powder room or entryway?!

This set of shell chairs was just stunning. 

Next we went to a store called D and G Antiques that included a very well-edited selection of vintage finds.  This huge brass palm tree caught our eyes as we walked in the door!  MoS Washington's mom ended up buying a GORGEOUS lucite console table here.  The lucite is so thick, and the quality is amazing.  I wish I had a picture!

Finally we made our way to the motherland of Palm Beach decor- Circa Who.  Circa Who is truly amazing- I would happily take home anything in the store.  It's basically heaven for anyone who loves Palm Beach style.  Circa Who has begun refinishing some furniture, adding high-end fabric to chairs, re-wiring lighting, etc.  As a result, their prices are a bit higher than before, but it's a trade-off since you don't have to do all the work! 

This pair of x-benches is amazing.  Leave them in their original solid velvet! 

This double pagoda mirror was MASSIVE and beautiful.  It had to come from either a hotel or a Palm Beach mansion, because the size is tremendous (you can see how it dwarfs the hooded chair).

Before too long, I think MoS Washington will have a greyhound statue of her own.  This one is exactly what she wants, complete with the tassled collar!

On the way home from Dixie Highway, we stopped by the Animal Rescue Thrift Store and spotted this faux bamboo game table for $50!  I'm sure it's long gone- once again, we wish we could fit it in our suitcases!

We hope you have enjoyed the highlights from our Palm Beach trip this week.  I would highly recommend a trip to Palm Beach for anyone interested in decorating with brass, shells, faux bamboo, and lucite.  All of the Dixie Highway stores carried furniture accessories that we only dream of finding in Charlotte and Washington! 


christine {bijouandboheme} said...

I would die die die to shop this strip. I've been wanting to go to Circa Who for years and I had no idea there were all of these other amazing shops- so so fabulous!!

traci zeller designs said...

Oh my goodness, I am speechless! I think I need to plan a trip to Palm Beach ... with a U-Haul!!!! Loving those lucite nightstands, especially!!

Ms. Bright said...

yum! so much goodness...

Vickie H. said...

OH MY! There is almost NOTHING I would not give to have any one of the Pagoda mirrors you showed in this post! Unfortunately I am a LOOONNNGGG way from the Dixie Highway!!! Thanks for ruining my day!!!

Lacquered Life said...

I have got to get myself down there! Perhaps when I am done with grad school I will reward myself with a trip up the Dixie Highway!

Rebecca (Reluctant Floridian) said...

I don't miss living in Florida...but I do miss that strip! Isn't Circa Who the best?

PS: Sarah, you look adorable!

Baylor Love said...

Circa Who is WONDERFUL!!! I love Nettie's, great stops girls!

And I saw some hobnail glasses that I bought at an auction (32 pieces for $20) that the Salvation Army (yes!!) 'upscale' shop had marked $16 apiece. Whoyou kiddin?

MeredithL said...

OK, I am dying and I need you to rack your brains (please!!) for the name of that store with that single pagoda mirror. I need that mirror for my foyer and have family in WPB who could go get it for me... anything coming to you yet? What about now? Now? :) If you could remember, I would be forever grateful. Your fabulous blog is already boosting Florida's travel economy with shoppers heading down by the U-Haul full!

MeredithL said...

Please, oh please remember the name of that store with the pagoda mirror!! I really want to go get it!! What an amazing trip!!

The Vintique Object said...

Can I just say that you are two lucky ladies to have found one another? It's rare to find a friend who has such similar tastes and the desire to do what you all do as you hop from store to store. Thanks for sharing all of the fun items you found -- they are pretty amazing...

kayce hughes said...

You are killing me! We were in PB for one night but no time to shop.

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