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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If George Jetson Bought a House in the Suburbs

...then Restoration Hardware's got him covered. I'm STILL not quite sure what to make of the "aviator" collection featured in their newest catalog. Most notably, the aviator wing desk, the industrial-meets-deco desk which clocks in at a cool $1,995.

Maybe one piece from this collection could be cool in a room- it's actually sort of growing on me- or shall I say I'm disliking it less. But displaying the desk, the desk chair, the bookshelf...way too much.

And wait, there's more...when I first saw this Blackhawk Coffee Table, I thought it was a sleekly designed toaster! Whoops!

Perhaps in designing the aviator desk, RH was inspired by the "Shark" by Zaha Hadid that was featured on 9 by Design.

Now, if I were dead set on riveted furniture, I'd pick this Industrial Water Tank Table off 1st Dibs, which at $1,900 is actually CHEAPER than RH's version. We are positively swooning over that polished top. That is the first and probably only time we get to suggest 1st Dibs as a cheaper alternative to something! Hell officially just froze over...
And speaking of aviator chic, check out this airplane chair (left) from 1st Dibs. It's- you guessed it- pulled from an actual airplane! Pretty rad. And not mass produced. And the exact same price as the spitfire chair (right) from RH. We're just sayin'...

Aviator chic for the home- here to say? Or should we just stick to our aviator Ray Ban's and leave it at that?


A Flair for Vintage Decor said...

I am not really feeling this aviator look...but my favorite is the water tank table off of 1st dibs...that I could use! Take care, Caroline

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

One item as a conversation piece or as an accent, but everything is a trend gone too far. I think that's how I feel about RH since they changed the piece at a time. The interesting accessories get lost amid all the other gray and drab. A little color would bring contrast and interest.

Kelly Krugh said...

I'll stick to my Ray Ban's. The RH items are just weird. Really, really weird.

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