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Monday, February 28, 2011

Dressed to Impress at the Oscars

While we were decidedly underwhelmed at the fashion choices at the Golden Globes last month, last night's Oscars did not disappoint in the style stakes. The colors were bolder, the the gowns were memorable, and so many women did a fabulous job of pulling off a "style" as opposed to just a dress.

Kate Blanchett in Givenchy haute couture- this wasn't a super-traditional red carpet dress, but it just stopped me in my tracks when she walked on stage. The beaded detailing was incredible.

 Reese Witherspoon in Armani Prive- this was more than just a dress- Reese pulled off an entire bombshell look with her huge cascading 60's ponytail and emerald green earrings. 

 Annette Bening - the photos don't do this dress justice- it was a glittering vision. And like Helen Mirren, Annette just seems to keep getting better with age.

 I may be the president of the "love to hate" Gwynnie club, but she looked awfully hot in her gold Calvin Klein- it was modern and quite stunning. Nicole Kidman on the other hand- WOW- this dress just looks so completely unsophisticated. It would have been much better without all of the beading and embroidery. This looks like Jessica McClintock circa 1994.

Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang- she looked flawless. Insanely gorgeous neckline.

 Jennifer Hudson in Versace - Weight Watchers is thanking their lucky stars that they picked her as their newest spokesperson- she looks incredible and good for her for showing it off!

 Natalie Portman in Rodarte - the night's big winner looked gorgeous. Why can't all maternity dresses be this lovely?

Any favorites we missed?


Julie said...

Totally agree - the dresses were, on the whole, amazing. I thought Gywneth's dress was spectacular. I also thought Reese Witherspoon looked really amazing. I do think Anne Hathaway deserves a mention. Not all of her dresses were my favorite, but the sheer number of changes in itself was pretty impressive.

Betsy said...

Loved all the color! Though my favorite was Gwyneth in gold. Gorgeous. I also thought Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams looked great.

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

I thought Natalie looked amazing! As someone who is already a few months pregnant, I am amazed at how gracefully she pulled off her look. I also loved Anne's red dress that she wore later in the show. It was stunning and it fit her so well!

Stylebeat said...

I think Cate rocked that dress the color was ethereal and so was the beading

pve design said...

Cate was stunning and loved all the nude shades and navy on Amy Adams.

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