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Monday, February 7, 2011

David Hicks La Fiorentina Lookalikes at Target

Popped into Target today in Columbia Heights. A small rant: that particular Tar-jay is possibly the worst-stocked store EVER. It always looks like there's been a hurricane or a bad storm and the shelves have been looted. And the cold beer section on Super Bowl Sunday? Forget it. However, there were a few fun surprises on the shelves that I managed to sneak into my cart.

I stopped on the school supplies aisle for markers and spotted these Mead notebooks. So much for the ugly black and white marble covers of old! Aren't these patterns TDF?? I picked up the blue diamond one on the left. I'm forever jotting down notes/to-do's/measurements on legal pads, and I think this will be a bit more stylish and portable. The pattern reminds me of David Hicks's La Fiorentina.

Here's a "La Fiorentina" refresher if you're not familiar....

Ruthie Sommers 

Palmer Weiss

Southern Living

The Target brand "Re-Style" carries a host of products reminiscent of David Hicks's famous geometric. I  loved this shower curtain- it also comes in black/white and yellow/white and is cheap cheap cheap- maybe $11?

 They've also got matching bathmats in blue, yellow, black, and green. Hard to pick just one!

And lo and behold, it's made its way to a chic black and white picture frame. I think this frame looks much more expensive in real life than it really is- it has sort of a lacquered finish. How fab would it be with a black and white photo?

 I managed to avoid this siren song of faux Fiorentina until I got to the candles. I bought the yellow one on the left- it smells wonderful- not sickly sweet like some of the Target candles can be. It's tough to find a candle for $6 these days, let alone one in a stylish holder.

Have you seen these "Re-Style" products at Target? Any pieces I missed?


Betsy said...

Too funny--I was also at "my" Target yesterday and was trying to justify needing to purchase a new bath mat--I loved that green & white one!

kayce hughes said...

You are the best! I am going to head over today to get the shower curtain for my daughter.

traci zeller designs said...

I think I would have caved at the candle, too!

Stylebeat said...

If only there was one I could pop over to in NYC

Danielle said...

i bought the "marimeko" looking window panels from that restyle area for my guest bedroom/office! Target is amazing.

Kari said...

I've seen the re-style products there too. Love them, just hope they don't overdo it. The lampshade version is my favorite at tarjay, and there was also a cool lacquered frame i saw once.

Julie said...

I love Target. I actually bought a couple of those candles myself!

LiveLikeYou said...

I give you the cheap find of the week award despite their bad assortment...Great find!

Baylor Love said...

YES!! I recently purchased a blue and white outdoor pillow that is a dead ringer for Imperial Trellis. Sadly it was the only one at the West Palm Beach Target, it was not online and I never got around to trolling all of South Florida for more of them. But the one I have is too cute!

Amy R. said...

You never know what you will find at Target. Great finds!

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