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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Team Bethenny?

Generally speaking, when it comes to Real Housewives of New York, our loyalties lie with Team Bethenny.  She seems to be the most sincere of the bunch, and she's funny.  Bethenny has done a good job building her brand- she obviously has business sense, and we respect that.  But when I received the February 2011 House Beautiful the other day and saw the "Baby Shower Tablescape" that she designed, I was really taken aback.

Truly it is one of the most depressing tables I've ever seen.  From the black tablecloth to the jet black stemware to the matte silver vases, all this black and chrome seems befitting of a NASCAR party at the Jiffy Lube, certainly not a baby shower.  I can understand that baby booties and diaper cakes might not be Bethenny's thing, but it is possible to set a pretty table without pastels and petit fours (although personally, I love both). 

Between this tablescape and Jill Zarin's Apartment in Traditional Home, we REALLY want to know what Real Housewives of NYC exec has such an "in" with the fancy shelter magazine world! 

Not wanting to offer criticism without some constructive suggestions, here are some baby shower table settings we think are both beautiful and appropriate, yet void of baby pinks and blues.  From orange to kelly green to deep yellow to purple, these tables are cheerful and vibrant.  After all, the point of a baby shower is to celebrate new life!
Martha Stewart

Eddie Ross

The Celebration Shoppe

Martha Stewart

So what do you think about a black-and-chrome baby shower?


Julie said...

Your response to that table setting made me laugh out loud. Yes, it is pretty depressing.

Danielle said...

I generally never like to say anything negative, but I must say I am in complete agreement. My first thought was 'wow that's ugly.' But, it wasn't my shower and if they all loved it, then wonderful...that is what design is about, it's personal and about doing what you love! At least we didn't have to go to it ;)!

Shelly said...

I was SO thinking the same thing when I saw it in the magazine. Sad sad sad! Poor Bethenny..I'm sure she was really just trying to be different and edgy.

nancy said...

It's sad and unattractive, and it also looks as though there's going to be a lot of heavy drinking going on during that party. A very somber setting and not celebratory at all. Sophisticated perhaps, which seems to be what she was going for, although I think she missed the 'simple and classic' she claims it is.

Evie said...

oh wow, a black and chrome baby shower makes me want to throw up. That's what I think about that.

Or at least if you HAVE to have that color could have been better. :( It just makes me sad.

Pemberley said...

While I don't hate the tablescape I can definitely say it's not for me. She could have taken a different approach to the black yellow and white theme by adding some toile and even Martha's hanging poufs in black and white.

And let me take this opportunity to go off on a micro-rant and say how much I dislike Jill Zarin and her drag queen apartment make-over! There!

kayce hughes said...


The Stylish Chick said...

I guess I just find her color and decor selections all a bit weird. there is something to be said for trying to make a unique statement...hello, I'm all about fun and unique personal styles!!...however there is a filter of appropriateness that any design must go through and I think that filter got clogged on this one!!

Aubrey said...

I love the table it looks great...just not for a baby shower!!! (c:

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Hard to know what to say...Magazines are looking for something different so this fits the bill. My baby showers were blue which I feel is more appropriate for the celebration of boys. I guess making it different is what made the press.

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