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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Capitol Hill Books

Last Saturday evening I ventured over to the Hill with a couple of friends to check out Capitol Hill Books, a crazy yet awesome used book store on C Street SE (right by the Eastern Market Food Hall). If used bookstores that seem like they might collapse under their own weight are your idea of a good time (and they are for me) then you must go check out Capitol Hill Books!

They have section for everything- downstairs being mostly history and nonfiction, upstairs being mostly fiction and poetry. I spent the first chunk of my time in the back room which houses the Art, Decorating, Cooking, Furniture, Crafts, and Food sections (and many, many more). I scooped up this Nancy Lancaster book for $15.

And lest "English Country Style" reminds you of tea cosies and stuffy Victorian parlors, this is the look we're talking about.

There's something for everyone there, if you don't mind looking through overstuffed bookshelves.

The building is a converted row house, and the poetry section is in the kitchen.

I also picked up the Bemelmans book Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep to add to my collection.

Just don't utter the words "perfect" or "cute" to the slightly picky owner when you check out, as my slightly terrified and bewildered friend learned the hard way. He's very particular about words he hates and keeps a list of them behind the desk. Adds character, I guess!

Do you love browsing used bookstores as much as we do??


Anonymous said...

Love book stores-great post! Had to share a funny story. We had a neighbor when we lived at our old house...she was very sophisticated and proper, a tad snobby...traveled the world etc. She had a saying. The word, "cute" is the kiss of death!

I Do Declare said...

Yes, I love old book storse! There's a cute one at 5th + East Cap, too, though its name escapes me now!

kayce hughes said...

I love used book stores. I get great decorating books for the price of a magazine.

Semigloss Chic said...

This is my fav used book store in the city (not biased by living a few block away, noooo). Always go in 2's...1 to hold the stack up and the other to pull the book you want from the middle.

Lalla said...

I love this bookstore! The owner is a bit quirky and the rooms can be a bit claustrophobic but I could spend hours in there! Also, the owner gives a discount to teachers if you are buying books for your classroom!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

I havent been to DC in well over two years. I certainly need to get back and start checking out the true gems in the city. Like this bookstore. Thanks for sharing.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

The Devoted Classicist said...

I really love used book stores. It is so wonderful to discover a title you never knew you were missing.

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