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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year & Thinking Pink

Couldn't resist posting this fun NY Times article about the popularity of pink bathrooms. Though I agree retro pink bathrooms can be entirely chic, is this REALLY the main photo they had to feature to illustrate their point?

Brooke Giannetti's sophisticated pink is more our speed...and bonus points for no poodles.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year's Eve and that 2011 is filled with many blessings for everyone!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New on MoS Marketplace

We interrupt our regularly scheduled vacation to alert you of two new items on MoS Marketplace- first, this gorgeous koi-handled silver tray. (*SOLD*)

And second, this fabulous set of oversized bamboo handled serving utensils.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Taking a Breather

Or, more precisely, gone thrifting, travelling, relaxing, and New Year's Eve-ing. We're taking a bit of time to recharge our batteries this week. See you in 2011!

A Jonathan Adler Christmas

Merry two days after Christmas! And coincidentally, we've had two happy Jonathan Adler encounters from this week. First, my tres chic friend Elizabeth was having dinner in Palm Beach a few days ago and spotted Jonathan and Simon dining at the next table...why does that never happen to me? And come Christmas morning, I recieved a copy of Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Accessorizing. A book I cannot seem to put down- it compiles some old favorite photographs and some new ones, along with fabulous tips for the little accents that really make a room.

If you're looking for a cheery New Year's read, I'd highly recommend Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Accessorizing,

Of course, as I'm reading my new book, I can't help but notice the strategic use of JA pottery pieces in various rooms, which look fabulous. I'm thinking I might have to invest in something from the line. Some of my favorites are this retro Dragon...

But who can resist the Quaaludes caniser...something we all need a bit of after the madcap holiday season :-) Or just to raise your guests' eyebrows during the year!

Slightly more practical, but equally fun, is this stylized Whale Pitcher. What a great hostess gift this would make for a friend with beach house!

Next I'm hoping to pick up Jonathan Adler Happy Chic Colors to complete the trifecta. Did anything JA end up in your stocking?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and your family a Merry Merry Christmas!

Love, the MoS Girls

Photo courtesy of Veranda (and the prettiest tree we've ever seen!)

Friday, December 24, 2010

On Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is one of my favorite days of the year, second only to Christmas Day itself.  By Christmas Eve, shopping is finished, the gifts are wrapped, the chaos of holidays is over and it's time to relax and enjoy family and friends. 

Early in the evening, we go to a candlelight service at church.  From singing traditional carols, to listening to Luke's account of the Christmas Story, to seeing friends who are home for the holidays, Christmas Eve services are so special.

When we get home from church, we have a family dinner, usually including a beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, spinach, and some delicious dessert (obviously red wine and champagne too!).

After dinner, we all veg out in front of the tv and watch It's a Wonderful Life.  It's such a powerful and heartwarming story that inevitably leaves me feeling thankful for my life, family, and friends.

After the movie, we don our pajamas to hang up our stockings (my mom never hangs them up until late Christmas Eve).  Tasteful plaid pajamas are in order, since we'll be spending most of Christmas morning in them as well!

And lastly, right before bed, we read Margaret Wise Brown's On Christmas Eve.  Margaret Wise Brown choses every word so wisely, making the story come to life.  The illustrations by Beni Montresor are simple and beautiful. 

Then it's off to bed!  Do you have special Christmas Eve traditions?  Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas on Worth Avenue

A very merry look at Worth Avenue in Palm Beach today. Nothing like a giant tree at the intersection of Chanel and Tiffany to get you in the festive spirit!

I loved this Candyland inspired tree at the entrance to one of the many courtyards along the street.

But what I was really oogling...these Christmas baubles! So many little time.

And of course, in Florida, we may not have snow, but we do consider starfish a perfectly logical Christmas decoration.

Merry Merry, all!

A New Owner for Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer has a new owner...sold for a cool $60 million. Not exactly money you have stashed under the mattress, but still, I'm a bit surprised that a brand with such a storied history, and yet has thoroughly modernized its look, isn't worth more. Are you?

December 21, 2010, 7:16 pm

Prep Stays Hot as Lilly Pulitzer Is Sold for $60 Million


A retrospective of Lilly Pulitzer’s offerings, linked to from Oxford’s Web site.In the world of deal-making, prep is still in, and pink is looking awfully pretty.
One month after J. Crew agreed to sell itself to two buyout firms, the parent company of Lilly Pulitzer — the maker of eye-catching dresses for the horsey set — sold itself on Tuesday to Oxford Industries for $60 million in cash.
Slim Aarons/Hulton Archive/Getty Images Two Lilly Pulitzer customers from 1964.Oxford’s interest in Lilly Pulitzer isn’t too surprising, as fashion continues its love affair with all things preppy. Its less-than-stellar third-quarter results notwithstanding, J. Crew is still regarded as one of the more popular retailers of today. And this spring, Tommy Hilfiger sold itself to Phillips-Van Heusen for about $3 billion, on the heels of a return to its colorfully striped roots.
But Lilly Pulitzer is perhaps one of the echt totems of prephood: No less an authority than “The Official Preppy Handbook” declared that the company’s golf skirt and beach dress were must-haves for Muffie and her friends.
The company was built by a woman steeped in the culture of its customers: Ms. Pulitzer, a New Yorker whose mother was connected to the Standard Oil fortune, and resettled in Palm Beach, Fla. Her designs — a mix of bright pinks and greens was a common motif — caught the attention of well-heeled resort patrons like Jackie Kennedy. (For a sartorial slideshow, check out the above YouTube video, which Oxford links to on its own Web site. You can also check out The Times’s review of its Madison Square emporium.)
But Ms. Pulitzer closed the company in 1984, only to let entrepreneurs Scott A. Beaumont and James B. Bradbeer Jr. revive the brand in 1993, while she served as a creative consultant.
Under the new management team, Lilly Pulitzer branched out into bedding, mens wear and stationery. It now runs 16 stores and a Web site that accounts for 45 percent of its direct-to-consumer sales. And it also sells clothes through upscale department stores and third-party Lilly Pulitzer Signature outlets.
Oxford’s president, the aptly named Thomas Caldecot Chubb III, said in an analyst conference call on Tuesday that his company had approached Lilly Pulitzer, which wasn’t marketing itself.
“As we got to know each other, we quickly realized that there is an excellent strategic and cultural fit,” Mr. Chubb said on the call.
Oxford, based in Atlanta, already owns brands like the resort-minded Tommy Bahama, as well as Ben Sherman and Arnold Brant. According to a regulatory filing, it expects its new purchase to contribute more than $75 million in sales, $11 million in operating income and 40 cents a share in profits for its 2011 fiscal year.
Under the terms of the deal, Oxford will pay $60 million for Sugartown Worldwide, Lilly Pulitzer’s parent company. Oxford will pay up to $20 million in additional payments if the clothier hits certain earnings targets.
Mr. Beaumont and Mr. Bradbeer will continue to run the company as a unit of Oxford.
Copyright 2010 The New York Times CompanyPrivacy 620 Eighth Avenue New York, NY 10018

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Cypress

Cypress trees and garlands make beautiful Christmas decorations.  Cypress is lacy and soft and such a nice alternative to traditional fir or pine.  It drapes beautifully as a garland, and as a tree, it is thick yet whispy and airy.

I love the cypress garland as well as the potted small cypress bushes.  That is one of the benefits of a cypress Christmas tree- you can leave it potted inside and then plant it in your yard after the holidays!
 Cottage and Vine Blog

This cypress tree is decorated to the max with beautiful angels, candles, and tassles.
 Martha Moments Blog

It doesn't take nearly as many ornaments to decorate a cypress tree as does a traditional fir.
Southern Accents

Cypress garlands are so easy to make- just use floral wire to hook the branches together.  Their natural shape makes them drape beautifully.
 Southern Living

A pair of potted cypress bushes and a soft garland make such a welcoming holiday front porch.
Martha Stewart

We love hanging wreaths indoors, especially when you hang them from beautiful satin ribbon!
Country Living

A group of potted cypress plants makes an elegant mantle centerpiece.
 Cottage and Vine Blog

Place a potted cypress in a burlap sack over a pot for a natural look.

Cypress wreaths are soft and welcoming.

Feeling inspired by all these pretty cypress decorations, we went with a cypress Christmas tree this year.  Our tree is full and beautiful and a nice change from the fraser firs we usually choose. 

Adding lights to a cypress tree is a challenge.  The limbs are not very strong, yet the greenery is so lush and full that lights around the center of the tree just get hidden. 

So you have to wrap the lights around the branches as well as around the center of the tree.

I initially added our usual colorful "fun" ornaments, but the look was overwhelming with such a "sculptural" tree, so I took them off and decided to use only gold and white ornaments so that the tree would really stand out.

Decorating a cypress was nice for something different this year.  I will say that it's a good choice if you don't have many ornaments, because you don't use NEARLY as many ornaments on a cypress as you would on a regular tree.  Also, you may need a special stand for a cypress tree because the trunks are so skinny.  We learned the hard way on that, as baby boy pulled over the tree we had worked so hard to "secure" in 5 seconds flat...  Thankfully no injuries resulted!  All in all, it has been a pretty tree, but I think I will switch back to a fraser fir next year so I can make use of all of my ornaments!

Have you ever decorated for the holidays with cypress?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Read All About It

If you're looking for a little extra something to finish up your Christmas shopping, there's nothing like a good book. To me, a book is a very personal gift...while chances are you can run into J Crew and pick out a sweater that most everyone would like, a book is something that can be specifically tailored to the recipient. A few thoughts for Saturday's festivities. And yes, I love autobiographies...I am a firm believer that the best stories are the ones you couldn't possibly make up.

Open, An Autobiography by Andre Agassi. I was skeptical because I'll admit I'm a total book snob about popular books. Only boring books impress me, ha! But I borrowed this from a friend and after 2 days am 3/4 of the way through. Did you know Andre had a thing with Barbara Streisand??? And the Stefi Graf romance is shaping up to be the sweetest story I've ever heard. This book is really gripping, even if you weren't all that familiar with Agassi the first time around. Good for young and old readers

Decision Points by George W. Bush. When a book written by a president starts out with the line "Can you remember the last time you didn't have a drink?" you know it's not your normal dry, historical tome comprised solely of political rhetoric. I've found the more personal aspects of this book to be more compelling than the political aspects. If you didn't like George W. before, you're not going to like him any better after reading this. But still, you can at least tell the former President sat down and wrote this book himself, sans ghostwriter. I value hearing his own, true voice speak through this book.

Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume I. I downloaded this on my Kindle recently but haven't started reading it yet. Any fan of American history, or of political and social commentary (and satire), will appreciate learning more about Twain. And I'll admit, I'm dying to see what dirt Twain is dishing if he was determined to wait a century before certain parts were published.

Life, by Keith Richards. This guy should have OD'd a million years ago but he's still kicking, dating 20-something Russian girlfriends and feuding with Mick Jagger. And the truth is, bands today in the corporate culture of music just aren't the same as the Rolling Stones were way back when. I have a feeling you could finish this book in about 3 hours, but I'd be intrigued to read it nonetheless!

Any other stocking stuffer book recommendations?

Monday, December 20, 2010

If Money Were No Object Gift Guide: Jewelry Edition

We MoS Girls pride ourselves on being frugal.  Sure, we splurge here and there, but generally speaking, price is a very significant factor in our purchasing decisions.  Nothing makes us happier than finding something stylish for a fantastic price.  With that in mind, we've all enjoyed the budget-friendly gift guides in magazines (which are inspiring and appropriate considering today's economy), but sometimes it's fun to dream.  So, just for fun, here's what would be on my jewelry gift guide if money were no object...

Vintage Gold Rolex (Oyster band, preferably in a Men's size!)

David Webb Vintage Cuff Bracelet made of Coral, Jade, Sapphire, and Diamonds

DVF for H. Stern's Amethyst Ring with a Diamond Starburst Center

Tiffany Starfish Necklace

DVF for H. Stern's Quartz and Yellow Gold Bracelet

Pair of Verdura Enamel Cuffs with Amethysts, Emeralds, and Diamonds

Vintage Turquoise and Gold Ear Clips
So tell us- what would be on your JEWELRY gift guide if money were no object?!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Blooming Boots

Like many MoS readers, I love my Hunter boots, especially since it's snowy and slushy out. But for the last few months mine have shown signs of "blooming," where the rubber turns a powdery looking gray.
Does anyone know how to get rid if this and/or prevent it? I'd love my black boots back!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Decorating with Obelisks

Architecture is a substantial component of interior design.  My brother in law is an architect, and I love listening to his insight on how architecture and interior design are related.  I'm not talking about the load-bearing-walls and other physical considerations of architecture as much as I am how various architects have influenced interior design (think van der Rohe, Eames, etc).  It is also interesting to see how architectural elements like obelisks can be used as decorative elements in a room.
Interior designers have used obelisks as decorative elements for many years.  This obelisk shelving piece is a such a chic way to show off a collection.  I guess black walls aren't earthshattering-ly new either!
House Beautiful from the 1960's

Mary McDonald uses green obelisks to make a strong entryway statement.
Mary McDonald in Veranda

Can you see the recessed obelisks in this long living room?  This room has quite a few strong pieces, so its muted color scheme works perfectly.
Nuevo Estilo via Coco and Kelley

In everyone's favorite Veranda, Miles Redd uses the straight lines of this pair of obelisks in contrast to the curves of the antique mahogany console table.
Miles Redd in Veranda

I always struggle with mantles, but a pair of obelisks anchors either end of the mantle in this cozy living room.
House Beautiful

Charlotte Moss uses architectural wallpaper and a pair of obelisks in this apartment entryway.
Charlotte Moss in Veranda

I recently saw some beautiful obelisks at Mrs. Howard in Charlotte.  This turquoise pair is to die for!
Mrs. Howard

Doesn't this large obelisk make a strong statement atop an antique desk?  The obelisk is a nice masculine counterpoint to the frenchy toile chair fabric and wallpaper.
Canadian House and Home

I am obsessed with Architect Design's pair of crystal obelisks that sit atop his coffee table.  They are perfect for an icy day like today! 

I have a brass obelisk (covered in little fingerprints, wow, nothing like a camera to show you reality) that sits on an end table in my living room.  I found it at Post and Gray, which, by the way is a great store to check out in Charlotte!

What do you think about decorating with obelisks?  Do you have one in your house?
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