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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lamps Galore Just Listed on MoS Marketplace!

Check out the new lamps we just listed on MoS Marketplace...all can be shipped, or are available for local pickup in Washington DC.

The real showstopper... a pair of brass hexagonal lamps

The lovely, slightly elicate Faux bamboo ginger jar lamp

Monday, November 29, 2010

MoS Giveaways: Lemon Tree Paperie

Today we’re thrilled to announce the latest Matters of Style giveaway, and this one comes at a perfect time since everywhere we turn these days, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Lemon Tree Paperie has generously offered to give away a set of fifty Whitney English holiday photo cards to one lucky MoS reader!

The winner will be able to select the set of their choice from the Whitney English line. Simply upload your photo, edit your text, and your cards will arrive all ready to go at your doorstep. All of their designs are fab, but here are a few of our personal favorites.

The elegant Black Chinoiserie
The oh so chic Chevron Red

And don’t forget Lemon Tree Paperie has much more than Christmas cards- we’re also digging custom note sheets with clipboard line that would make a great gift this season. Love the giraffe print!

To enter, please visit the Lemon Tree Paperie website and leave us a comment on this post telling us your three favorite Whitney English Christmas card designs. And please spread the word about our giveaway!

We’ll draw the lucky winner at 4pm this Friday, December 3rd!
Thank you again to Lemon Tree Paperie!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday, Lilly Style

This morning when I awoke from my turkey and red wine coma, I felt quite lucky that I was nowhere near a shopping mall or big box store on this Black Friday. Horror stories like this always scare me! But there is always a little Black Friday tradition here in Boca Grande- the Lilly Pulitzer sidewalk sale at The Palm. This morning started out a bit rainy but my mom and I bundles up and arrived bright and early at 9am.

It was quite chaotic inside because of the rain...

But once it cleared up and they moved everything outside, the browsing got easier.

Lots of bright colors 
How adorable is this little girls' greek key sweater...for $9! My mom got a turquoise one for herself. 

Just one more browse around the racks.

I ended up getting two ridiculous bargains- a cute, long v-neck sweater and a dark printed silk top.

Hope you are having good luck on this Black Friday!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from MoS!

May your day be filled with family, friends, and food! And to the fellow travelers out there, be safe!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving, I will be giving thanks for my precious grandmother.  On Monday she joined my granddaddy in heaven.  Grandmother was the most stylish woman I have ever known, a truly amazing lady who undoubtably influenced my life more than anyone else.  Today's blog post is in her honor, as I am sharing some things that she loved.

My granddaddy.  Grandmother and Granddaddy adored each other and treated each other with the utmost respect and kindness.  Their love for each other was an inspiration to everyone who knew them.  He loved to surprise her with gifts from his travels (which included a rickshaw from India and a Chinese Junk that, much to her embarrassment, he named for her and docked in North Carolina), and she loved to cook for him and care for him as he grew older.  He passed away 15 years ago, and she told me on Friday how excited she was to see him again.
Here they are at the Copacabana in New York in the 1950's.  (Notice the palm leaf wallpaper!)

Traveling.  Although both my grandparents grew up on rural farms in the Carolinas, as an adult Grandmother often accompanied Granddaddy on his business trips around the world.  She has been to every continent except Antarctica.  Once when Granddaddy was tied up in meetings in London, Grandmother flew down to Kenya by herself so she could see the animals and take some pictures.  She had an adventurous spirit and lived life to its fullest.

Cooking and Entertaining.  Grandmother was the epitome of a gracious hostess.  Granddaddy would often invite work colleagues (as many as 50 at a time!) home for dinner unannounced, and Grandmother would welcome them into her home and cook an amazing meal for them.  She would show the same hospitality towards a missionary or needy member of the community that she would show for a diplomat or Senator- she treated everyone with the same respect and graciousness.

Color.  You would never ever find my grandmother wearing black, neutrals or pastels- she loved to wear bright colors, especially pink and turquoise.  In her portrait hanging in the living room (which she thought was ridiculous, but my granddaddy insisted), she is wearing a beautiful turquoise dress.  After she was well into her 80's and her eyesight wasn't so strong, my sister and I would go over to her house and help her plan outfits, from the jackets to the scarves to the skirts to the shoes and jewelry.  We would write down each element of the outfit, and she would wear them all exactly as we planned.  She taught me so much about fashion, always saying, "Wear clothes tight enough to show you are a woman, but loose enough to show you are a lady."

Gardening.  Having grown up on the farm, Grandmother always had a huge vegetable garden at home in Charlotte.  She had a fantastic sense of humor and would laugh as the neighbors rolled their eyes at the tractor plowing up her backyard so she could plant beans, corn, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and cantaloupe each spring.  I have such vivid memories of her standing out in the garden picking vegetables while wearing a dress, hose, and high heels. 

Family.  Grandmother made family a priority over all else.  Because of my grandparents, my whole extended family has gone on a beach trip together every single year since before I was born.  Everyone naturally gathered at Grandmother's house for holidays, and we are so thankful that she was at home, surrounded by her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren when she passed away.
My husband and baby boy having dinner with Grandmother (in pink!) 2 weeks ago

Faith.  Grandmother showed the love of Christ to everyone she met.  Never pushy or judgmental, she had a quiet faith that was so pure and sincere.  She kept a notepad by her bed where she wrote the names of people she wanted to remember to pray for each night before she went to sleep. 

We MoS girls don't usually share that much about our personal lives here, but thank you for allowing me to share a little bit about my special grandmother with you.  Though my heart is aching, I hope I gave you a glimpse of how special she was and how thankful I am to have had her in my life.  This Thanksgiving, please remember to give thanks for those who are precious to you.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MoS on Apartment Therapy House Tour

Happy Tuesday! Today I am thrilled that my Washington, DC apartment is currently featured in Apartment Therapy's House Tours series! Click here to view the tour. AT's House Tours are always such an insightful peek into the homes and apartments of fellow city dwellers. While it's fun to look through magazines at gigantic homes that were decorated on skyhigh budgets, the homes on AT always strike me as both real and relatable. They're always a great source of inspiration.

Photo by Leah Moss/Apartment Therapy

Two weekends ago, the fabulous Leah Moss (who also has her own design business and blog, which can be found here) came over to take the photographs for the House Tour. I have attempted to take probably a million pictures of my apartment since I've been blogging, but none have even come close to being as wonderful as Leah's! She managed to make a small space look open and airy, and so aptly captured the whimsical aesthetic that characterizes my apartment. Thank you, Leah!

Photo by Leah Moss/Apartment Therapy

Monday, November 22, 2010

DIY Living Room Wall Inspired By Albert Hadley

I have an expansive wall in my living room that has always bothered me.  On the left side of the wall is an upright piano- it's a visually heavy piece, but it is so large that I would not want to center it on the wall, because it would create an awkward seating arrangement.  Since it's such a heavy piece, a tall secretary or other piece of furniture with height would just be too much along that wall.  So I used art and sconces to add height without too much heaviness.  I have tried so many different arrangements, but none have really left me satisfied.

I fell in love with Albert Hadley sitting room that I saw on Habitually Chic the other week.  Specifically, his use of moulding to create height, depth, and visual interest on this (beige) wall inspired me.  I am not a designer, and I have never used moulding before, but I was determined to recreate this idea in my living room.

So I cleared my furniture away from the wall and started measuring.  I had to work with the piano in terms of measuring, knowing that the moulding "box" would need to be in the center of the room and not overlap with the piano at all. 

 I would need to fit two slipper chairs and the white faux bamboo table within the moulding box.To be centered in the room and 6-inches from the existing moulding, the box would need to be 98-inches across and 78-inches tall.

My husband, baby boy, and I went to Lowe's early Saturday morning to buy the moulding.  I just went with simple thin moulding- my sweet husband spent at least an hour cutting the moulding to size with the dull communal saw and mitre box. 

He was so sweet and patiently helped me hang all the moulding in accordance with my pencil marks all over the walls. 

The box is up!  Now to paint...

I had some white trim paint leftover from a previous project, so I used it to paint the moulding and cover the little nails used to affix the moulding to the wall.

After the white moulding paint dried, I started on the inside.  I used Sherwin Williams Open Air, which I had used on my dining room ceiling (it adjoins the living room).

The painting is complete!  Now the fun part- removing the tape...

 It turned out just as I hoped, adding height and interest to the expansive beige wall.

I then added art above each slipper chair.

And some sconces I scored the other week.

Almost there...

Cheetah throw pillows (hard to see the pattern in these pictures) were the final touch.

I am happy with the result!  And this is absolutely something you can do in your home- the key is careful measuring.  But it really is an easy one-weekend project!

Before and after!  Doesn't the ceiling seem higher?!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New on MoS Marketplace

Just listed! Vintage camel planter- this guy is too fabulous!

Striking panther statue. We love the art deco look of panthers...and so does Miles Redd, apparently!

These and much more on MoS Marketplace!

Friday, November 19, 2010

This Weekend- Assistance League of Charlotte Warehouse Sale!

Today and Saturday, the Assistance League of Charlotte is having its Warehouse Sale, from 10am to 4pm, at 3600 S. Tryon Street.  The Assistance League is a national nonprofit organization that provides children from low income households with school uniforms, lunches, and scholarships.  I stumbled upon their thrift store yesterday, and while I didn't have time to look around at furniture, I did bring home a couple pieces of fabulous vintage jewelry. 

I just love this red and navy enamel broach.  Just like the Verdura one I dream of, but for $3.50!

This green and gold bangle is so heavy and nice- can't wait to add it to my stack!

And a little early Christmas prezzie for my husband- a pair of vintage Swank fish cufflinks!

Be sure to check out the Warehouse Sale this weekend and report back!  It's located at 3600 S. Tryon (not uptown, plenty of parking).  Have a great weekend!

Stubbs & Wootton + Kanye = ???

Happy Friday! I'm not sure where to start with this story, but when a sartorially-inclined friend relayed it to me the other night, I had to look it up to see if it was true. And lo and behold, it is...

So, Kanye West walks out of Barneys...

And runs into this guy. One Cassius Marcellus Cornelius Clay. A 19 year old Yale sophmore. Wearing Stubbs & Woottons.

Kanye, reeling from his Taylor Swift confrontation fallout, is besotten with Cassius's patrician style, emailing him, saying ‘You are an inspiration to me. I inspire people like Rihanna and Beyoncé and you inspire me. I need you during this difficult time,’ says Alex Klein, a Yale junior who runs in the same circles as Clay.

The day after Kanye met Clay, he signed up to collaborate with Stubbs and Wootton, the maker of Clay’s shoes. Clay will be an integral part of this process. “We were honored that he approached us to do something together,” says Percy Steinhart, owner of Stubbs and Wootton. “We do a lot of crests,” Steinhart adds. “And [Kanye] loves crests.”

Clay, graduate of Phillips Academy,  has now taken a leave of absence from Yale. Clay is a direct descendant of 19th century abolitionist Cassius Marcellus Clay and a distant relative to 19th century Secretary of State Henry Clay. According to the New York Post, at Andover, he rode a vanilla-colored bicycle. When a rule went into effect demanding students wear helmets, he donned a leather riding cap (a precursor to the equestrian-themed fashion line Clay would design his sophomore year).

It gets better. Says the NY Post, "At Yale, Clay was known for his patrician-hipster style. When most people donned sweats for class, he came decked out in Harry Potter glasses, feathered bow ties and Hermes scarves. Instead of a backpack, he carried a $5,000 Hermes Birkin bag."

Feathered bow ties? Am I am making this up?

So the question that emerges is this...what is it going to do for Stubbs & Wootton to collaborate with a rapper who replaced his bottom teeth with diamonds? Alienate the target clientele? Or will it not matter because they'll be bringing in a totally new audience?

So, that's the tale of Cassius Clay and Kanye West. I guess we'll have to wait till Spring to see how this plays out in terms of their collaboration. Until then.......what do YOU think?
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