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Saturday, July 31, 2010

New on MoS Marketplace: 1970's Vintage Lucite Lamp

Lucite lamps have regained popularity over the past few years, and there are lots of good options out there to buy a new one.  But the original vintage versions are harder to come by.  Just listed is this FABULOUS 1970's vintage lucite lamp.   

It is in superb original vintage condition, with an L-shaped white base that can connect to the back of your table (but it doesn't have to).

It measures about 10-inches tall including the socket, so it is easy to find a shade that fits (shade not included).

The lucite is still nice and clear.

Priced at $85 plus $10 to ship.  This lamp is a fabulous way to add some vintage style to your home.  I would take a vintage lucite lamp over a brand new lamp any day of the week...  Email us at to purchase!

Friday, July 30, 2010

**SOLD** New on MoS Marketplace: Vintage Greek Key Bookends

Just listed on MoS Marketplace:  Fabulous pair of brass bookends with horses and Greek key motifs!  What a great way to add some Hollywood Regency style to your bookshelves! 

The bookends are made of solid brass and measure just over 5-inches tall.  They are in fabulous vintage condition!

Greek key patterns add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space!
Aerin Lauder's Living Room, in Elle Decor

The pair is priced at $35, plus $5 to ship.  Email us at to purchase!

A Fixer Upper, Dorothy Style...

Classic Dorothy Draper Chest, via Tonic Home

If you haven't read Dorothy Draper's Decorating Is Fun: How to Be Your Own Decorator, I highly recommend it.  It is a guidebook for decorating, and although it was written in 1939, I find it quite useful for decorating today.  For example, Dorothy writes that the ceiling is an often neglected surface in a home- why not paint it a soothing sky blue!  

A prevailing theme throughout the book is that a beautiful home doesn't have to cost a fortune.  While there are certainly some projects for which Dorothy recommends hiring experts (like installing flooring), in order to save money, she advocates doing certain things yourself (like painting furniture or sewing slipcovers).  If Dorothy Draper is on board with DIY projects, then we certainly aren't going to stop now!

Having always loved the classic Dorothy Draper color scheme of black with gold accents, I thought I would use it on my most recent DIY project. 

I found this mirror for next to nothing in the back room of a thrift store, marked way way down.  In spite of its not-yellow-but-not-beige color, I loved the faux bamboo style.  However, it was missing a finial.  Bad color can easily be fixed, but a structural issue is a whole different animal and typically would deter me from purchasing.  But since it was just missing a finial, I knew I could find a way to replace it, either through eBay or maybe even a big box store like Lowe's.   

Lo and behold, Lowe's had a pair of finials that would do the trick, for less than $5.  They weren't exactly the same as the mirror's existing finial, so I removed it from the mirror.

I screwed the two new finials into the top of the mirror, and they worked just fine!  But that blah dated beigey color had to go...

Before painting, I taped off the mirror to keep it nice and clean.  I typically would remove a mirror from its frame before painting, but this mirror was quite heavy, and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to perfectly install it back into its frame afterwards.  So a garbage bag and some 3M blue tape did the trick.  It is important to note that the inside corners of the frame can be reflected in the mirror, so you should take care to paint it completely and evenly.  If you get any paint on the mirror itself, a razor blade will remove it from the mirror. 

I painted the frame black.  I don't have any pictures of that process because it was so humid outside that my camera lense kept fogging up.  But glossy black it became.  Of course, after painting it black, the fabulous faux bamboo detailing on the frame became rather unnoticeable.  Enter the gold leaf paint!

I used the gold leaf paint to fill in all the crevices.  I love how it popped against the glossy black wood.

Black and gold, just what Miss Dorothy ordered!

I decided to hang it over the buffet in my dining room, since the faux bamboo would work with my brass pagoda lamps and foo dogs.

I hope Dorothy would approve!

Are you planning any DIY projects this weekend?  Tell us about them!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dorm Room Design Day!

Today we're flattered to be a part of the "Dorm Room Design" series that you might see a few of your favorite bloggers also participating in. MoS reader and blog aficionado Tenia has been looking for a little bit of dorm inspiration since her daughter Emma is moving into a dorm this August, and we were more than happy to pretend like we were going back to school and offer a little inspiration!

It's hard to believe it was eleven years ago that we MoS girls moved into our college dorm rooms. Pardon the cliche, but it sort of feels like yesterday. At UVa, I was lucky enough to move into the "old dorms" (Lefevre!) which are classic on the outside and a bit spartan on the inside. Cinderblock walls and the like. And I was a bit less design-inclined than I am now. Yes, there were Dave Matthews posters involved (*cringe*)! But c'mon, it was Charlottesville, and it was 1999...

Have you seen the dorm room inspiration of Maximilian Sinstenden that was featured in New York Magazine last year? No surprises that he was a protege of Bunny Williams. Any good dorm room design discussion should probably start with a spin around his room. Yes, it safe to say that Max is definitely a maximalist (heh) but there's no denying it's maximalism done right. And it also helps not to have a roommate to get in your way.

Today, however, MoS Charlotte and I have put together a little bit of inspiration for those of you who aren't inclined to roll up on move-in day with paint rollers, nine boxes of wall art, and 826 Italian silk ties. There is a happy medium between buying out Bed, Bath & Beyond or going a bit overboard on the trad like our dear friend Maxy.

Here's MoS Charlotte's take on a sophisticated, fresh dorm room based on a soothing green and blue color scheme. She had to divide it into two pictures to get everything in! I wish I'd had this inspiration when I was entering college.

And here are a few key pieces I'd suggest based on their functionality (and an excuse for me to wax nostalgic about college!).

Bohemian Medallion Duvet Cover - College is not clean. Have you ever seen a fraternity basement in the daytime? Get a duvet so you can wash it. Ideally more than once a semester. But let's not get too ambitious...

Coat Rack - You'll need it! Those closets are SMALL for one person, but having to share with someone else is the greatest lesson in compromise you will ever learn.

Rug- Something under your feet other than cold linoleum is essential! And don't spend a fortune because you'll definitely want to chuck it at the end of the year.

Dorm Fridge- In an ideal world, this holds your "healthy snacks" that will tide you over when you can't make it to the dining hall. In the real world, this holds very cheap beer, or perhaps a box of Franzia if you are feeling particularly flush one week.

Clip Lamp/Task Lamp - While ostensibly colleges try to match you with a roommate based on whether you are a night person or a morning person, we all know that when mom is looking over your shoulder, no one's going to admit their preferred bedtime is 3am. Thus task lighting is key to maintaining harmony when one roommate loves turning in at 10pm after watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie (not making this up, folks) and other other likes to stay up late downloading songs on Napster and instant messaging while eating Cup 'o Noodles studying.

We hope you enjoyed dorm room design day! Any ideas from our readers for college-bound students?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

**SOLD** New on MoS Marketplace: Iron Horsehead Bookends!

Just listed on MoS Marketplace:  Pair of Black Iron Horsehead Bookends!  In fabulous vintage condition, made of heavy cast iron.  What a stylish way to add some equestrian chicness to your room!

They are nice and heavy and measure 6.5-inches tall.

A perfect pair!

Wouldn't they blend so seamlessly into Mark Badgley and James Mischka's Kentucky horse country home?
Elle Decor

Elle Decor

You could probably use them as doorstops as well!
Elle Decor

Ralph Lauren

Priced at $30 for the pair, plus $7 to ship.  If you are in the DC area, our seller may be able to arrange local pick-up with you.  Email us at to purchase!

And the winner of the Pillows and Pillows Giveaway Is....

Baylor Love! 

Comment number 17!

Please email us at and we will put you in touch with Pillows and Pillows!

Wednesday Potpourri: Blogs, Benches, and Dresses

"Spend less, live better..."  That is certainly something we can all aspire to!  Enter Living Luxe for Less, a brand new blog by one of my best (and most stylish) friends in the world!  Every day she posts about finding great deals in fashion, home decor, and even food and wine!  Jenn is a Connecticut native who lives in NYC and has her finger on the pulse of all things stylish!

Living well doesn't have to be expensive!  Take a look at her love list below, and be sure to add Living Luxe for Less to your daily reads!

Moving on to benches...  We've posted many times about our love for classic X-benches.  They are so stylish yet functional, two things that don't often go hand in hand!  Of course, being both stylish and functional, they are also typically rather expensive.  Imagine our delight to see an affordable X-bench the other week on Copy Cat Chic!

Here is the $1550 version from Williams Sonoma Home:

And, now, for the $147 version from BA Sofa:
  These would be so easy to reupholster in cute fabric.  Place a pair at the foot of your bed, or under a console table in your entryway!

And now to the dresses...

Last weekend, my little family went up to Montreat to escape the Charlotte heat.  Montreat is about 20 minutes east of Asheville, so we usually head into Asheville at least once when we are up there.  Asheville is a neat town with a lot of character.  There are some fun design stores and vintage stores that I like to check out in Asheville.  Keep in mind that since Asheville is a mountain town, the style there leans a bit towards the granola loving hippies.  It is perfectly acceptable to wear hiking boots to Sunday brunch there, even if you have no intention of actually going hiking that day.  I don't do this of course.  Anyway, because of the typical style there, I don't usually think of it as a place to shop for clothes.  Until now...

I was casually flipping through a rack of vintage clothes when something pretty and pink caught my eye.  Here is the camera phone pic I sent to MoS Washington.

It didn't have a label or size.  And the pattern seemed vaguely familiar.  My first thought was "vintage Pucci" but then I remembered I was in the land of cargo shorts and Birkenstocks.  Surely not.  Was it an XOXO or My Michelle gem from the Juniors Section of Belks?  Embedded in the pattern was a logo of sorts that read either IPFR or EPFR.  A quick Google search on my Blackberry confirmed:  Emilio Pucci for Formfit Rogers.  I didn't care who or what Formfit Rogers was- I grabbed it and ran to the cash register.  It had been marked down and down and down.  God bless the Asheville hippies who turn up their nose at pink and purple!  I paid $3.50 for it. 

A little after-the-fact research told me that early in his career Emilio Pucci did a line for a lingerie company, Formfit Rogers.  That means this dress is actually probably a nightgown, but I truly would never know by looking at it (and aside from some Madonna-themed parties in college, I am the last person to wear lingerie as clothing, trust me).  I love the dress (it's more of a tunic on my 6' tall self, definitely to be worn with leggings or skinny jeans), and I can't wait to wear it.

This is the stuff that dreams are made of.  At least for those of us who love to hunt for bargains!  Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MoS Makeovers: Diary of a Bamboo Bookshelf Re-Do

I may not have any bad habits of the illegal kind, but I do have a vice that is turning me into a bit of a junkie nonetheless, and that's my obsession with faux bamboo. I decided that before my apt starts to resemble the Golden Girls abode, I'd better go cold turkey. But not before I got one more fix. When a MoS reader emailed me a pic of this bookshelf she was selling, I knew that it needed a good home, and that that good home would be casa de MoS. But it needed a bit of help.

A makeover timeline-

June 14th. Receive photos of said bookshelf from MoS reader. Giddy email correspondence with MoS Charlotte follows. Should I?

June 15th. Apparently I should. Committ to purchase, but unfortunately will be traveling too much to pick it up anytime soon. But at least it's something to look forward to...

July 8th. Meet seller's husband in the Giant parking lot in Arlington to purchase. Sit in my car for a few minutes scoping the parking lot for a gray hatchback. Have $60 cash in my hot little hand. Is this what it feels like to have a dealer? In any event, the shelf comes home with me. I can't get enough of the gorgeous detailing on this.

July 9th. I can tell this truly is vintage by what happens after a few swipes with my dust rag. Gross!

July 11th. Time to prime. Break out the Kills. This stuff is no joke. It will stick to anything, including your skin.

July 12th. Head to Ace to pick out a paint color. Thinking coral, because clearly I'm still in denial that I don't live in FL anymore among the retirees who originially owned this piece 50 years ago. Decide to go with the second to last color, Sun Dried Tomato.

July 12th. One coat of Sun Dried Tomato necessitates a paniced picture email to MoS Charlotte. This is WAY too light. Back to Ace, where unfortunately they have to re-formulate. I go with the last color on the card, plus 20% darker.

July 12th - 18th. Spend a few days painting. By hand. Not fun, not easy. Every time I look at it from a different angle there's a little crevice that I seem to have missed. Finally after 3 coats, it's as good as it gets.

July 18th. But it's missing something. Hmmm. Gold accents! Furiously apply gold paint one night and too consumed with getting it over with to even change the channel on the TV. So happen to "enjoy" an episode of Run's House while doing this. The one where his wife wants a singing career. I'm no Swizz Beatz but even I know that lady, it ain't gonna happen...

July 19th. Books and the like get placed back on. Decide it's way too cluttered. Need to ditch a few things.

July 20th. After a bit of editing, decide things look better. Loving the pop of color it brings to my room, which is otherwise very subdued with shades of navy, beige, and gold. It's sort of the color of lobster.

Pardon the half-upholstered chair in the picture; that's my next work-in-progress.

July 21st - present. I may have quit bamboo cold turkey, but let me tell you, I'm taking this one day at a time...
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