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Monday, May 31, 2010

**SOLD** MoS Marketplace- Faux Bamboo Magnetic Board


I love this unique little piece- it's a magnetic board with a frame and magnets made of gorgeous gold gilt bamboo! The background is a muted green cloth. The magnetic strips can be moved around and repositioned, as you can see in the two pictures below. The board has a hanging hook on the back, or also looks adorable leaned up against a wall, as I've styled it below with my catch-all tray. This is perfect for organizing your little things like business cards, RSVP cards, pictures, fabric swatches, and other inspiration board whatnots that can otherwise get lost on a desk. It measures 10" wide and 13" tall. 

Faux Bamboo Magnetic Board - $25
Shipping within the U.S. - $4 
email to purchase!

Happy Memorial Day!

We hold a special place in our hearts for the red:

the white:

and the blue:

This Memorial Day, we are so thankful for those men and women who have proudly served our country and given their lives for the freedoms we hold dear. 

Friday, May 28, 2010

It's Showtime!

Braving the crowds tonight to see Sex and the City 2 and I can't wait! Think the people sitting behind me would mind if I sported a Philip Treacy hat like SJP's? I love a good fascinator, but this one has me a bit puzzled- is it supposed to be the night sky with stars? A giant tar ball as a nod to the recent oil spill? A spider web?

Regardless, SJP looks like she's having fun in her sexy Miss Havisham getup and we can't begrudge her that.
US actress Sarah Jessica Parker

Is it me, or is Cynthia Nixon sporting some BAD extensions? Love her dress though!

See you tonight, gals!
Actresses (L-R) Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Kim Catrall and Cynthia Nixon pose for photographers at the premiere of their new film

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, everyone!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend is almost here!

Memorial Day Weekend is one of our favorite times of year, because it means summer is just around the corner!  It's the weekend that the pool finally opens, that the ocean is officially warm enough for non-Canadians to swim, and that from now until September, your grill must be in use at least 3 nights per week.

Everyone we know is going to be either at the beach or a pool this weekend, so we thought we'd share some of our favorite beachy fashions.  Just because you are at the beach or the pool doesn't mean you need to break out your old  college party tee shirts, gym shorts, and reefs.  Is there anything more glamorous than wearing loads of costume jewelry at the beach or pool?   

Fabulous pink and gold...

Black and white with some pops of color:

Purple and turquoise:

Classic orange and navy:

Will you be at the beach or the pool this Memorial Day weekend?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Scratching our Heads at the NY Times

One thing I miss about the blog Decorno is the author's wry and withering criticism of articles in the New York Times. Posts like this and this (and the hilarious accompanying comments) made me feel relieved I wasn't the only person utterly confounded by some of the apartments featured in the Home & Garden Section. We all understand that the Gray Lady wants to feature "regular people" sometimes and not just bazillion dollar townhomes on the UES, but truly, sometimes they take it too far when trying to capture the style of ordinary folks in Manhattan.

So when MoS Charlotte sent me this article yesterday, I knew I had to take up the mantle of now-defunct Decorno and ask...WHY? Namely....WHY is this apartment in the New York Times? WHY is this article in the New York Times? WHY do those cats look like they are plotting a Mr. Bigglesworth-esque scheme? WHY would you relish having an old lady smell in your apartment, especially when the old lady wasn't even related to you?

Don't get me wrong, these look like perfectly nice people in a perfectly respectable apartment. I've got no issues with them. But, I find it perplexing that the story of this couple's apartment is the featured story in the Style section of one of the world's preeminant newspapers.

Though the fancy homes are fun to gawk at, my favorite NYT articles are those that feature creative people who have somehow turned a 300 sq foot studio into something phenominal on a Ramen budget. They teach us about the importance of creativity and vision. That great style doesn't necessarily have a pricetag attached. But, I just don't get that message here.

And my personal favorite-


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Craig Alert!!!

Couldn't not share this with you...four vintage bamboo chippendale chairs for a grand total of $250. Steal!!! Link here. Located in Annapolis. Someone give them a good home before I'm tempted to!
image 1759098256-0

image 1759098256-1

Chanting on a Budget...

I've loved Lulu DK's Chant for quite a while.  The diamond pattern has almost a cross-stitch aspect that makes it feel modern yet vintage at the same time.

In dramatic red on entryway walls:

In navy on chair seats in Ruthie Sommers's shop:
Ruthie Sommers

On a loooonng sofa and loveseat in what is probably my favorite room ever featured in Metropolitan Home:
Metropolitan Home

In Barrie Benson's gorgeous den:

The bedding version in red:
Gracious Home

On a cozy chair in this Anne Coyle living room:
Anne Coyle

In chocolate brown on a throw pillow:
Vanessa de Vargas

In navy on a French chair in a children's room:

So for the budget part...  I've been doing a little work here and there on my downstairs den.  It's the room with a big tv, a room you only see if you are a really good friend.  We have a big tan leather sofa there- it's not my favorite piece in the world, but it is comfortable and durable and holds up well to a dog, a baby, and a husband.

The other sofa we have down there is the incredibly impractical off-white sofa I had in law school.  I don't know what I was thinking when I covered it in off-white, but it shows every possible stain and after a dog, a baby, and me, it looks terrible.  I am using navy, red, and white in the downstairs den, so I thought Lulu DK's Chant in navy would be perfect to recover my off-white sofa.  Perfect except for the $170+/yard price...

Knowing that Chant was way out of  my budget, I headed across the Catawba to Mary Jo's, a HUGE fabric store in my hometown.  If you sew, it's a dream because they have a fabulous notions section.  They also have some great fabrics- P Kaufman, Braemore, Robert Allen, etc. Of course they have some not-so-great ones too, but I've always had really good luck there. 

I don't fully understand the whole fabric manufacturer/ designer/ wholesaler/ distributor/ retailer relationship, but I do know that at least in the past, Mary Jo's has offered great prices on certain fabrics they bought directly from the textile mill (often located here in NC).   By buying from the manufacturer, Mary Jo's could avoid the mark-up associated with licensing a certain fabric to designers or wholesalers and pass those savings on to the consumer. 

Today, many of our NC textile mills are gone, either out of business completely or having relocated overseas in search of cheaper labor and fewer regulations.  Mary Jo's has very few fabrics now that come directly from the mill.  In fact, my guess is that any they have are left over from the past and not any new arrivals.

But on Friday, I found one of those leftover fabrics from a mill.  Here is the camera phone pic I excitedly sent to MoS Washington from Mary Jo's:

$10 a yard.  Marked Cone Jacquards, in navy and white.  I did a little research, and it looks like Cone Jacquards isn't around anymore- they filed for bankruptcy in 2004 and were purchased by International Textile Group, based in Greensboro.  ITG still has some productions in the US, but the majority of its mills are located in Vietnam, China, and Central America.

Doesn't it look a lot like Lulu DK's Chant?  Like Chant, it's also reversible- I am debating which side I will use.  I bought all the navy at Mary Jo's for my sofa, but knowing what I have since learned about the fabric, I was able to find it in red and green online, also at $10/yard.  I am resisting the entrepreneurial voice in my head that is telling me to buy and re-sell.  It's a struggle, for sure.  But I have resisted, so here you go:

It's known on this website as Hollin Gate Mengikat Cherry:

The photo quality of those isn't great and makes the pattern look a bit blurry, but in real life it's not blurry at all.  Is this Chant, before it was known as Chant? 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Guess Who's Coming to Charlotte?! Tory Burch!

The newest Tory Burch store is scheduled to open at Southpark this July, between Neimans and Hermes in the old Billy Reid space!  I think Charlotte will be a great market for her- I am sure TB is one of the best selling lines at Neiman Marcus here. 

Can't wait to see what she does with the interior of the store too!

Jonathan Adler for 7 For All Mankind

Last week Mr. Anti-Depressive Living himself, Jonathan Adler, revealed his capsule collection for denim powerhouse 7 For All Mankind. The collection has three themes- Deluxe, Rustic, and Pop- that are inspired by New York, Shelter Island, and Palm Beach, respectively. A few highlights, but check out the full collection here...

Photo via
Adler Seven Jeans 2.jpg

I really liked the bamboo cropped pant and yellow polo together, as shown here and in this month's House Beautiful. I'm not exactly sure where I'd wear this combo, but it's fun to look at.

These are the Pop Gummy Denim Cropped Guinevere in Bamboo Print. But gosh, what's up with those wedges? They sort of kill the look if you ask me...

An up-close look at the bamboo print. I have to admit a weakness for a good bamboo trellis motif. Or faux bamboo in general. I recently imposed a moratorium on faux bamboo in my house lest things start looking too matchy. But clothes, on the other hand, don't fall under the ban...

The Rustic Short Sleeve T-Shirt with Acapulco Scarf is fun. But $135. Um, couldn't you just buy a $30 J Crew white tee and then throw on your own scarf? Just sayin'...

I can see wearing the Deluxe Sleeveless Tunic in Keyhole Print in a lot of ways. I like it belted with jeans, or would be a nice casual dress for the beach.

The Pop short sleeve polo. I dunno, there are so many polos on the market already...what makes this one different? Other than the JA logo.
7 For All Mankind, SEVN-3883 POP SHORT SLEEVE POLO,

For the boys. Rustic western shirt in tangerine gingham. I do like how the western styling of an otherwise preppy shirt is a subtle departure from the norm. This might be my favorite item in the collection.

What do you think about the JA for 7 collection? Thrilled? Underwhelmed? Seen any of it in person?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

MoS Marketplace- Brass Nailhead Mirror *SOLD*

For sale- a fabulous vintage brass nailhead mirror. This fabulous piece measures 24 inches square and is a timeless piece that can go in just about any room. I styled it below on a console table as one option, but it has a very sturdy wire in the back for hanging as well. It's VERY heavy! Brass mirrors never go out of style, and this one has brass nailhead accents along with a decorative brass strip across each corner of the mirror. If you've got a lot of statement pieces in your room this mirror is great because it's stylish yet subtle and won't compete.

Brass Nailhead Mirror - $65
Email to purchase!
Pickup in the Washington DC area. 
I would prefer not to ship this item because it is VERY heavy, but email me to discuss shipping options if you're not in the DC area.

Antique Porthole Mirror, 1st Dibs, $3,050
Antique Port Hole Mirror

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