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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh My Gosh My Golly

It's COLD outside. Thank you Captain Obvious, Perhaps I shouldn't be complaining about the 20-something degree weather here in Washington, because in the midwest it's subzero and snowy. But there's no denying that when your face freezes on the way to the metro, it's a brutal situation. Even down in Florida it's in the 30's...what's wrong with this picture?

I've found lately the little things make a HUGE difference in your comfort level when it's blustery and cold. Lately, fur earmuffs have been my savior. The best $9.99 I've ever spent at TJ Maxx! They may be slightly obnoxious and un-PC but there is nothing warmer than fur. Period. For something similar, try these Sorell earmuffs from Bloomies (but try not to look as discontent as the model!)

And if you're feeling flush, there's always the Lanvin Jeweled Fur Earmuffs.

Next we come to footwear. Boots are essential. I've foolishly worn flats a few times this week when I was feeling lazy and the results were not good. I'm dying for these Sperry 7 Eye boots for casual days when heels just won't do and you need to walk around a lot.

But for a night on the town where you need a heel and don't want to freeze, I'm loving these Kate Spade Kolleen boots. Great bow.

Onward to scarves. Apologies to PETA, but vintage fur is not only stylish, but WARM. Vintage fur scarves can be had for a song at thrift stores or on ebay.

If you're not into fur or want a look that's a bit more low key, try the Chevron accessories from Hunter. They're not just for boots anymore- Hunter has a great line of scarves, hats, and gloves at Bloomies.

Finally, a good coat is essential. I love my long J Crew coat that's similar to this Double Cloth Lady Coat. And it can really go anywhere since the fabric is dressy and the silouette is tailored.

But lately, I'm secretly loving the Fiona Parka from Patagonia. Though I fear the Michelin Man effect, when it's single digit degrees and windy, sometimes you've just got to bundle up...
Do you have any winter favorites this season that are keeping you thawed?


A Flair for Vintage Decor said...

Love the earmuffs-- I saw a women wearing some in the grocery store yesterday...and I warm and smart!! Take care, Caroline

Sarah said...

LOVE those earmuffs! I have that JCrew lady coat also- have worn it for 10 years and it still looks perfect.

Julie said...

I'm with you - fur is not PC, but it is really warm. I love the earmuffs!

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

OMG - I die for those chevron Hunter accessories. I may watch them to see if they go on sale after Christmas! Great find.

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