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Monday, December 13, 2010

MoS Girls' Guide to Hunting: Weekly Report

It's time for us to report in from the field with our latest thrifting finds. Mos Charlotte definitely wins the award this week for her lovely lamps. 

I love her rust and white chinoiserie lamp- such a fresh alternative to traditional blue and white! It reminds me of Herend's Chinese Bouquet in the rust color, doesn't it?

We can never pass up a tole lamp. How sweet is this little guy? 

I recently picked this turquoise owl up at a thrift store in Southwest Florida for something like $3! Isn't he a riot?
I've never seen anything like him before, and can't find anything similar online. It appears to be old...but then again, China is really good at making new things look like antiques! It has this Chinese writing on the inside rim.

Anyone know the story on Mr. Owl? Would love to hear if you have seen anything similar!


traci zeller designs said...

The lamp definitely wins ... and you are so right -- it's even prettier when you see how reminiscent it is of the Herend!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I LOVE that owl -and for only $3?! GREAT FIND!

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