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Monday, December 6, 2010

MoS Girls' Guide to Hunting: Weekly Report

MoS Washington and I have an unnatural obsession with hunting for chic and stylish additions to our homes and wardrobes.  By unnatural, I mean that very few things in life make us as happy as a "find," and we spend a considerable amount of free time (like workday lunch hours and weekends) going hunting.  Not a week goes by that MoS Washington and I don't email each other with pictures and descriptions of our hunting trips and finds.  Our frequent trips include a number of sources- from antique stores to thrift shops to estate sales to Craigslist to emporium-style places like the Sleepy Poet.  We would like to share our finds with you once a week.  Certainly some weeks are more productive than others.  In our experience, there are some keys to successful hunting, including:  1) keep an open mind, 2) go with your gut, and 3) go back again and again and again- good finds never last more than a day or two in a shop.

This week's hunting trips were successful.  Here's what came home with us! 

A brightly colored wooden belt buckle hand-painted in India.  It's in perfect condition- the white marks are from the camera flash.  I'm going to scrap the 1980's turquoise elastic belt and add the buckle to a big beaded necklace. 

This green-and-white lattice-print wallpaper makes adorable wrapping paper! 

I love wrapping gifts with unusual ribbon- this huge spool of blue and white trim will look so pretty on packages wrapped with basic brown paper.

I had to pick up these framed crewel tulips.  I will probably reframe, but the colors are so pretty.  Inexpensive crewel is a good option for steamy bathroom, where you don't want to worry about the steam affecting more expensive art.

Zig-zag blankets remind me of my great grandmother's house.  This green and white blanket is perfect in my family room. 

Navy and white always looks chic.  I bought this vintage bedspread with fringey trim to use as a throw on my navy and white sofa.  I like adding a touch of floral fabric, even to the man cave. 

Vintage children's clothes are so charming and stylish.  In a world of "Daddy's Little Slugger" onesies, vintage children's clothes are a breath of fresh air.  Back to the "unnatural obsession with hunting" that I mentioned above, sometimes I buy vintage baby clothes even though I don't have a current use for them.  This little embroidered white cardigan was made in the Philippines and has adorable pom-poms in the front.

Also made in the Philippines, this red, white, and blue little girl's dress is so adorable.  It's made of sweater material, complete with two little beret-wearing children waving pendant flags. 

I also picked up a couple pieces of vintage jewelry.  Vintage enamel bangles are a great thing to look for when you go hunting.  This one is red and black enamel over copper, stamped Matisse Renoir.  The large copper cuff is heavy and such a statement piece, and although you can't really tell from this picture, the earrings are costume "sapphire" flowers with "diamonds."  Vintage costume jewelry is SO much nicer than what you would buy new today.  It's heavy, with stones that are actually cut, and it's usually set in sterling silver or gold-plate over sterling.
Edited to add:  Reader Leslie who works for Avon corporate just informed us that the "vintage sapphire" flower earrings are actually Avon from 2006 or 2007.  Tip Number 4:  Keep a sense of humor when you hunt! 

This concludes our first weekly hunting report!  We hope our finds inspire you to do some hunting of your own!  If you do, please drop us a line at and tell us what you find!


jandjhome said...

Great post. I do a weekly wrap up of my thrift store finds on Monday. It's fun to see good finds.

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Fabulous spoils- I love the idea of the blue and white rope on presents- so pretty!

Danielle@Fresh Quince said...

Great finds and looking forward to this ongoing favorite kind of post! I am currently on a vintage shopping hiatus, until I complete my home...too much stuff overwhelms me and right now I need to concentrate on finishing what I have started.

traci zeller designs said...

Oh my! My favorite find is the blue and white trim to wrap presents -- so cute!!

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