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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shoes Gone Wild

Until Monday, it had been months since I'd wandered the shoe section of a department store. The advantage: I haven't spent any money on shoes. The disadvantage: apparently I'm woefully out of touch with the trends. 

On a quick quest for shoes to wear to an election night event, I popped into the usually-dependable Nordstrom. But when this was the first pair I saw, I felt like I'd somehow wandered into a stripper supply store. 

Yes, those are 5.25" heels with a 1.25" platforms, all covered in purple glitter. Steve Madden's "Caryssa."
Steve Madden "Caryssa" Glitter Platform Pumps
And as I looked around, I realized most of the shoes on the shelves right now are redefining the term "heels." A four inch heel used to be considered high...these days that's practically a kitten heel.

And apparently it takes a healthy dose of glitter to really do a metallic stiletto heel justice.

I fled Nordstrom and headed to Bloomies, where the situation was a bit less dire. But still, the platform on these Via Spiga heels makes them look like they should be paired with fishnets little else... 

I ended up with this pair of patent heels by Michael Kors- the style is called "Glitter." They're definitely higher than anything in my closet!

I'm calling this trend the Victoria Beckham effect. For years she's been traipsing around town in ungodly designer heels, and the look has finally trickled down to mass marketplace.


 Gravity defying. There must be flats stashed somewhere in that humongous purse!

How high are the highest heels in your closet?? And P.S.- after two hours in my Michael Kors heels I switched to flats!


MyLittleHappyPlace said...

I really can't fathom how she functions ALL THE TIME in heels like that! However, living in Brazil, I see the same thing - women down here live in super-high heels. I guess it's what you get accustomed to (or are willing to sacrifice comfort for!)

Julie said...

I totally agree with you on the huge platforms and glitter (terrible!), but I have to admit that I wear very high heels everyday. Your feet get accustomed to them, and they just make me feel more dressed.

Strained Consciousness said...

Before I took a job where I might be called upon to dash to a construction site at a moment's notice, I wore 3.5" heels (minimum) every day. I tried switching to lower heels (2" range), but I had difficulty walking in them! A shoe salesman at Neiman Marcus explained to me that the way my foot was shaped, the structure of my hips, etc... all added up to my not functioning well in lower heels (this from a visual inspection of my gait as I walked across the sales floor in the shoe department). "Nothing less than 3" for you, my dear," he said. "Ever. You'll wreck your hips if you try." So it's flats or 3"+ heels for me!

traci zeller designs said...

I love heels, especially platforms, but - after my twins arrived - I almost never wear them. It's just too tough to keep up with them and everything else in a day! Now, I LIVE in a wedge -- and those, I can wear all day long!

Anonymous said...

I recently went shopping for a pair of black heels to wear to a black tie benefit. All the heels were so high I could barely walk. I bought a pair, noted how they made my old heels look like flats, teetered around my house for a few minutes and promptly returned them. This 40-something gal is not going to start wearing 5 inch heels at this late stage!

kayce hughes said...

Where is the orange mini dress from?

Jeannine @ Small and Chic said...

I can get on board with small favorite pair of shoes has about a 1/2 inch platform and 3-4" heels (which really makes them feel like 2-3" heels). But, the 1" just looks like a cheap shoe, even if the sole is red. :)

Danielle@Fresh Quince said...

I recently bought a pair of second hand mary janes with a 4 1/2 in thick heel...Cole Haan that probably had been worn only once and now I know why. They felt great standing, but then I went out to dinner and had a 20 minute walk on crooked pavement by myself and I have never been so nervous. I was waiting, just waiting to fall in front of many people, but luckily somehow I didn't...could be that I walked super slow and steady. I don't think I will go for another walk in those ever again...only for standing and trying really hard to look good.

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