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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Back to Basics

Today I was hanging out at one of my favorite spots- Glover Park Ace Hardware- and while waiting to have some glass cut and chit chatting with Mos Charlotte on the phone I perused the isles. I LOVE hardware stores. It is most certainly dad's weekends are never complete without at least one trip to Home Depot. Not only to I love DIY projects, but I really think you can happen upon some truly stylish accesories at hardware stores that are so basic, they're brilliant.

Case in point...I came upon the "clip" isle. I don't really even know the proper names for these things, but these heavy, industrial-chic brass clips had me going totally gaga. People pay big money for stylish keychains but none of these were over $8. I snapped one up and am excited to use it.


My new keychain got me thinking about other "basic" no-frills items that are still considered quintessentially stylish. Not everything has to be designer-this and high-end-that to win in the style stakes. Most of the time when I shop at Neiman's, or even at J Crew, I feel like I'm paying a huge markup for a product that I probably won't even have a year or two from now. Often, turning to established American brands is a statement in and of that is economical and will never go out of style. A few ideas...

Sperry Northstar Boots - $166. These just rock.
Detail Image

Patagonia Retro-X Jacket - $199
Pendleton Motor Robe with Leather Carrier Blanket in Buchanan Tartan
Motor Robe With Leather Carrier

Any American style staples in your closet?


christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Loving the first pair of boots-every time I go to buy shoes, I end up with new boots- they're just better:)

Julie said...

I totally agree! I am a complete sucker for hardware stores, too. I used to go to the local hardware store every Saturday morning with my dad growing up and I am still constantly amazed at all the great things you can find (and I just love DIY projects). Great post!

Betsy said...

Great post! It's true that some of the classic staples are the best. I grew up thinking LL Bean bags were just to tote all our "junk" to the beach or pool. Now my sister and I have tons of them for various things!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I LOVE Logan hardware and am often there myself nosing around -haha. I buy my mrs. meyers products there.
Such a GREAT idea to use that clip as a keychain -and for $2.99! It looks great and so useful.

Danielle@Fresh Quince said...

I have those Frye boots and have had them for about 5 years and they totally look better with age...I also bought a size smaller b/c the salesman told me they stretch and they did! I have worn them in the snow, rain and gardening in serious muddy conditions...a good wash down and they're great!

MerciBlahBlah said...

I also have those same Frye's, as well as another lace-up pair, and love them both. You can't beat Frye's for kickass boots.


ACH said...

I may have to copy your hardware store key ring...although I am a little attached to the beat-up one I have from T's law school.

That Patagonia fleece is one of the best purchases I ever made. I doubted getting the creamy color, but I still LOVE it! Wish I could say that about all of my impulse-buys!

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