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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Zip It Good

I was cruising J Crew at Georgetown Park the other night, killing time to avoid the monsoon outside, when it dawned on me- "Holy There's Something About Mary! Everything in here has zippers on it!" And it was true- zippers adorn half the headbands, pants, sweaters, and shoes in the store. They don't merely have zippers, but rathers, zippers play an integral part in the aesthetic appeal of the apparel and accessories. And as I look around a bit more, J Crew's not the only one worshipping at the tough-luxe altar of zippers. Lots of designers are incorporating zippers into their fall collections.

Bi Stretch Zip Minnie. Still love them a month after I first spotted them.

Zip Leather Gloves. Black leather gloves bore me. Those with zippers do not.

Belle by Sigerson Morrison Zipper Pointy Flats. Fabulous flats for fall! We love how zippers can stand up to winter fabrics well. Neither overpowers the other.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Flash Shapeshifter Zipper Detailed Lambskin Satchel. I wonder if this is really expandable? That would be quite cool.

Tom Binns Silver Plated Swarovski Crystal Zipper Earrings. Kind of crazy, kind of 80' why do I love them so much?
Jean Zipper Necklace, Etsy. This would look really fun with a v-neck merino or cashmere sweater.

Zipper Elastic Headband, Etsy. We're loving zipper hair accessories. We shy away from headbands sometimes for fear of looking like 12 year olds, but we think this zippered numbers look anything but little girl.

Steve Madden Soya Sandals. It's hard once fall rolls around in warmer climates like Florida- you feel like you should be putting away the Jack Rogers but when it's 80 degrees out sandals are still a must. These are perfect for looking seasonally appropriate while keeping cool.
 We're sure that Ted Stroehmann might be a bit squeemish at all of these zippers, but we're on board! What's your take on zippers for fall?


Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

Yes it does look like zippers are very popular these days! Have you seen these leggings with angle zippers from the Gap? They are cute and on sale for $19.99!

traci zeller designs said...

I love. Marc Jacobs did an awesome flat a few seasons ago that had a rosette on the toe made out of 1/2 of the zipper and rolled up. It was so cute!

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