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Friday, October 8, 2010

Shell Snapshots

Mos Charlotte and I have been talking a lot about bringing beach style to a non-beach house. We all love nautical and beach inspired decor, but unless your backyard happens to be sand, it's best to have a restrained approach to coastal-inspired touches. Though my parents live 10 minutes from the beach in Florida, they have a decidedly non-beach house. Still, my mom has added some great shell-oriented touches lately that capture the charm of Florida without making things look too much like a vacation rental! Here are a few of my favorites that I captured recently. 

A woman in Tampa makes these FABULOUS shell boxes, sconces, frames, tables, etc. and brings them to Boca Grande to sell. Last time we were there we oohed and aahed over all of her creations. If mom's not looking this box *might* get swiped on my way out the door one day!

I always love silver shells. A great touch on a bookshelf.

Shells in a clamshell in a fireplace...perfect for Florida because they have fires what, once a year?

 A shell sconce in the powder bathroom.

 My mom has put together a fabulous assortment of shells on the dining room table- the silver tray holding them dresses things up significantly.

 I'm rather jealous of her new bamboo lattice wallpaper (so new that she hasn't had time to hang the picture back up!).

 This nautilus with silver starfish "feet" always holds a bromiliad or orchid and is much more fab than your average planter. My mom's creative BFF actually made it. Wouldn't this be a great luncheon favor or hostess gift?

Bon weekend, everyone! See you Monday!


Anonymous said...

So much fun to see shells used in a sophisticated way...and I love that bamboo wallpaper...who makes it? Inspiring post MOS!

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

I completely agree MOS! Even though I don't live on the beach...sigh...I love adding coastal touches to my home in New York City. I find the bedroom is a great place to add a few shells or coastal decor, and it adds a calmer soothing air to the room. I also think that adding a few shells or starfish to the bathroom sink is an easy way to spruce things up!

traci zeller designs said...

Forget the shells - I'm too preoccupied with that fabulous wallpaper ... and those wingback chairs!!!

Design Elements said...

lovely shells! happy weekend!

flip flop and fancy free said...

love the box, can you share the name of the Tampa artist please?

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