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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Housewarming gifts, Florida style

We've mentioned before that we're big fans of using organic elments as planters. Namely, shells of all types- big shells, little shells, brass shells, ceramic shells, actual shells- are some of our favorite receptacles for flowers and houseplants. So when I needed a little housewarming gift for a dear family member who recently moved into an adorable bungalow near the beach, a few pictures got me inspired...

The giant clam planter, courtesy of Inner Gardens

A lovely and creative use for a nautilus, courtesy of the Knot.

And another dainty nautilus, courtesy of Martha Stewart.

I kept an eye out for shell planters when scouring some of my favorite vintage stores in West Palm. I'd much rather get something with a lot of character than a generic terra cotta pot from the hardware store. And was thrilled when I found this terra cotta conch shell.

Off I went to heaven...otherwise known as the orchid section at Home Depot. Up in DC the orchid selection at large chain stores like Home Depot and Lowes is dismal. But in Florida, their stuff is amazing!

Components my mom always tells me, buy the orchid that's about to bloom, not the one that already has flowers!

I added a touch of spanish moss to conceal the orchid pot.

And added a little bow to make it more gift-y. Here's the finished product (not the greatest picture, I know, but I was determined not to be late!).

And on an unrelated note...saw this guy at the store where I found the terra cotta pot. Awfully tempting for this taxidermy aficianado, though I'm not sure how I'd fare if I tried to bring him back on a plane. Could I say it's an alligator purse?

Happy Thursday, everyone!


DAM said...

That is the most incredible taxidermy alligator I've seen - curious on what the price was for him?

Fish929 said...

That's a really cool idea! I'll have to try that sometime. And love the stuffed gator!

The Matters of Style Girls said...

DAM- it was marked $350, but it's also the type of place where the sticker price is negotiable.

Anonymous said...

Going to be copying your idea of using planter/orchid. Loving that counch shell planter!! Wow
Another clever post.

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