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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some thoughts about blogging...and things we *like*

We've noticed there's been a little bit of dramaz going on in the shelter blogosphere lately- apparently some readers and bloggers have been drinking the haterade and it's ruffled a few feathers. Including ours, to be honest. We don't want to step too much into the fray- we're no Pollyannas - a little snark is fun now and then (and hey, we're still standing by our disdain of Pottery Barn clothespins).

But on the other hand, we absolutely recognize that it's a *lot* easier to play armchair quarterback behind a computer screen than to go out there and design a room. It takes days, weeks, months to put together a room from scratch. Piles of fabric and wallpaper swatches, walls splotched with paint samples, endless measuring, trolling the furniture stores, making sure the greens don't clash, finding accessories, calming bezerk clients- I'm tired just typing it. Hours and hours of hard work and labor...not to mention lots of someone's hard-earned money...and then it takes exactly 2 seconds for a blogger to tear it apart. To declare some accessory or fabric as "over." Ouch.

Shelter bloggers and readers are an oversaturated bunch- we're constantly seeing the same images, the same products, the same designers, the same "big thing"- popping up at various times on various blogs. I'd like to conduct a pseudo-scientific experiment one day and ask 10 people on the street if they'd ever heard of Imperial Trellis or Chaing Mai Dragon. Chances are, I'd be met with quizzical stares from 9 out of 10 of them. It's a concentrated world, this blogosphere. And I think sometimes we lose sight of that. What to us is yesterday's news is often just hitting everyone else. There can't be a "next big thing" every week. Sometimes, we just have to be content to admire what's out there for a while.

In keeping with the spirit of admiration, here are a few of our personal *likes* on this lovely Wednesday. Maybe you've seen these pictures before, but rather than simply moving onto the next blog, we'd suggest taking a minute to look again - carefully- and think about the layers of the room rather than just a quick glance. Think about all of the descisions, big and little, that went into the room. Maybe that's what we all need to start doing (ourselves included!) to cure our blog-induced design comas. Feel free to weigh in if you have any comments.

Animal prints done right
When they are right, they are very, very right!

photo via I Suwanee

Brass Etageres
Forget diamonds- brass is forever!

via Decorpad

A well-set table
Maybe it sounds silly, but setting a table like this is a true art.

David Jiminez

Creative uses for silver 
Put your silver to work- don't leave it sitting on a dusty shelf!

Country Living

Eclectic Art
It just brings that cool-factor to a room, and is an automatic cure for stuffyness.

Ellen Rakieten via Elle Decor


Sally@DivineDistractions said...

I appreciate your perspective, and I totally relate to what you're saying. Design may not be rocket science, but it does take skill and time and creative talent. Of course, we want people to appreciate what we do, and it's a little disconcerting when others ditz another's work without considering the effort involved. But blogs are about opinions, and I guess if we're going to put stuff out there, we've got to be ready for someone to judge it....good or not. I usually find honesty when it's not the "brutal" kind, to be pretty refreshing. It's no worse than hearing a patronizing and non-descript "great job" one more time. Let's just all be nice!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

I like what you like! great examples.

A Flair for Vintage Decor said...

Very well said! I think sometimes we take for granted how hard it is to put something together...from scratch! It is easy to look at pictures and put them up on a blog...but to actually put it all together...much, much, much harder! Thanks for saying it! Take care, Caroline

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

I think you are spot on in your assessment of our blasé tendencies here in the design blogosphere. The whole hate parade that went on last week seriously put me in a blogger's funk - for fear that posting what I love in design is not "cool." I know it's silly of me to let a comment stream influence me that way, but it did.

You've chosen classic elements in these images that, in my book, have required a skill set that nears brilliance. Thanks for the reminder that beauty IS indeed in the eye of the beholder.

In the Tweeds said...

There was a total hate parade last week! I admit I get tired of seeing the same thing on so many blogs so it's hard for something to stay fresh...but I would never rag on the designer for the exact reasons you stated. I've started phasing out blogs on my Reader that just post "inspiration" pics rather than any sort of analysis of the design. Love your "likes"!

TheStylishChick said...

Amen and ditto...

Vickie H. said...

Such timely subject matter and I think this point needed to be made.
And you did it very well. I wish the "haters" would remember that tearing someone else (or their work) down never elevates them in anyone's estimation. For goodness sake: just be NICE, people!

Jeannine @ Small and Chic said...

Darn it! I was on a business trip last week and hit the "mark all as read" button on my reader at the end of it. I just couldn't keep up. I clearly missed something.

But then I contributed to it by writing my own blog entry about bloggers on Monday. I was lamenting the lack of a point of view on many blogs...and guessed that the rise of snark on blogs may be due to the lack of opinion on others. I think people want a good discussion about what works and why instead of the generally raving about how great everything is.

Needless to say, you ladies clearly have distinct points of view and I appreciate that. :)

Nichole @ Parlour said...

Well said...thank you for saying it!

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

This was a very insightful and well timed post. Well said MOS! I am with you and felt discouraged after reading many of the negative blogger comments from last week. I'm new to the blogosphere, and I am so exacted about developing my site and sharing my perspective, and it was disappointing to read such negative comments. I understand getting bored with certain ideas or trends, but at the end of the week it made me feel like, well what is left to like???

Thank you for this reminder that design takes time and it is an artful process that is in the eye of the beholder. We aren't all going to LOVE the same ideas or things, but that doesn't make them hate worthy!

And on another note,as I develop my new blog I have been struggling with what to write about, and how to satisfy both my blogging and nonblogging audience. Does anyone else struggle with this? As you said there are certain topics out there that the blog world finds out about instantly, and that can seem like common knowledge in our world, but than I know that many of these ideas would be new and noteworthy to many of my friends and readers who aren't as linked into the blogging world. So what do you do?

You girls are definitely an inspiration to me, and I always appreciate coming to your site because I know I will find something stylish and thought provoking! Thank you and keep up the great work!

Sarah @ Comfort and Joy said...

Thanks for such a thoughtful post. :) It's got me pondering the ins and outs of the blogosphere this morning!

Anonymous said...

Great points! Let's keep it positive. One blogger's comment that she hoped a reputable shelter magazine wouldn't degrade into a "how to get this look for less" magazine for Kappas and Pi Phi's definitely smarted...

Tiffany said...

Well put. I couldn't help but agree with some of the comments yet I definately subscribe to a more positive outlook in life. These blogs are supposed to serve as inspiration and if they don't personally speak to you, then just move on. I'd like to have this conversation over dinner at that table in the David Jiminez image above.

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