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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MoS Marketplace: Quadrille by Alan Campbell Petitie Zig Zag *SOLD*


We are totally gaga over Quadrille fabrics, but the $140/yard pricetag and the fact they are only available to the trade (with a 3 yard minimum) can put a damper on a gal's ability to go Quadrille crazy in her own home. Until now...Today, MoS is pleased to offer several yards of Quadrille by Allen Campbell Petite Zig Zag (Inca Gold on Tint Colorway), exactly as pictured on the Alan Campbell for Quadrille website, and as seen below.

Two textures are available- please see pictures below. Both have the exact same color and the exact same sized pattern, but the texture of the fabrics is slightly different. Priority will be given to those who want the all of the yards of each lot, but I will cut yardage based upon demand. Email mattersofstyle@gmail.come to purchase!

1) Alan Campbell Petite Zig Zag (Inca Gold on Tint). Non-Textured.
Three (3) continuous yards available @ $49/yard. *ALL 3 YARDS SOLD*
In this lot, the fabric is not textured. It's still a nice, heavy weight, but is smooth.

2) Alan Campbell Petite Zig Zag (Inca Gold on Tint). Textured Fabric.
Seven (7) continuous yards available @ $49/yard. *UPDATE- 4 yards left*
The fabric in this lot has a slightly nubbier texture. It's heavier than linen, but has a similar weave and a defined texture. If you enlarge the pictures, you should be able to see this (slight) difference between the pictures below and the pictures above.

We're sure you're familiar with this quintessential Quadrille print, but just in case you need a refresher...

We have always loved Lindsay Coral Harper's Quadrille Zig Zag wallpaper.

A bench cushion done in the red colorway

Aerin Lauder wallpapered her son's bedroom in Zig Zag.

More of the chocolate colorway

We have a few more fabrics we'll be offering for sale this week (including an China Seas Ikat, China Seas Fiorentina, and Tom Felicia for Kravet) so stay tuned!

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sophie said...


I know this was offered forever ago, but any chance you'll get your hands on more? The $200 a yard price tag is killing me!


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