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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lambertson Truex for Tiffany Bags

As I flipped through the newest Tiffany catalog, I was surprised to see that they have ventured into the handbag business.  Tiffany has partnered with Richard Lambertson and John Truex, of Lambertson Truex fame, to create this line of bags.  It's interesting timing considering the current economy and the relatively high price point of the bags.  But since the prices of gold and silver seem to be going higher and higher, maybe the folks at Tiffany see handbags as a market segment they can better control.  And who knows, this has probably been an idea in the making for several years, before there was any hint of the current economic downturn.
The styles are absolutely beautiful, especially the evening bags.  Many have elegant jewelry-like details, like a glittering jeweled clasp or gold-plated-over-brass hardware.  The designs are sophisticated and demure yet so much more interesting than most of the Lambertson Truex bags I remember seeing in the past.  

This blue satin clutch with a jeweled clasp is one of my favorites.  I bet you could get a lot of mileage out of a classic evening bag like this.

The South African croc accessories are fabulous as well.  This red clutch is stunning and is lined with classic Tiffany blue, creating one of my favorite color combinations.

I never get tired of pretty bow details.  They are so ladylike and chic, and this one in particular made of Austrian crystal reminds me of a vintage Tiffany broach.

A generous grouping of colorful jewels makes this satin clutch so unique.

This blue lizard clutch is so elegant and has a gorgeous palladium-plated blue enamel clasp. 

I would happily carry this fuchsia croc wallet as a clutch any day of the week!

Who wouldn't love a little satin bag combining Tiffany's classic bead bracelet and blue satin? 

For work (and in true Lambertson Truex form), this pebbled leather bag is classic, functional, and beautiful.

And my prediction for the best seller in the collection:  Tiffany Reversible Tote made of lightweight suede and leather.  The design is the perfect combination of structure and slouch, and I love how shoulder straps free up your arms (especially with a baby!).
Reversible Tote:  $595 for the large size

Have you seen the bags in person?  Does the quality justify the price?


Barbara said...

SO funny to open your post this morning and see it was about these gorgeous bags. I was just preparing to do a post of my own after seeing them highlighted in the Oct. "O" magazine. Hmm, will have to rethink my post! ;) All the bags are stunning but the blue lizard is my personal fave...however I'd have to agree the reversible tote it probably the retail sales winner hands down. Gorgeous!! Will be heading to Tyson's Corner this weekend to check in out in person!!

shoppingaholic said...

I hope they add their perfect charms to every bag they are gonna design. anyways that'll be perfect

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

I have also been intrigued by this new line of handbags by Tiffanys! I mean who doesn't like getting something in a beautiful blue box? I would have to say the turquoise jeweled clutch is my favorite. It's just stunning! The last bag you featured will probably be the most popular though. Gold and camel are both such versatile, wearable colors! And what a great shape...

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