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Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Potpourri

Happy Friday, everyone! Cannot believe Labor Day weekend is already here. Where did summer go? I'm excited at the thought of starting to break out some fall clothes, but considering it's still 90 degrees out, that day might not be terribly imminent.

A few random thoughts for today...

1) Went to Mac Fabrics the other day in West Palm Beach, Florida- if you live in the area and haven't been, you MUST go. I've always just loved perusing their fabrics, seeing what's "in", and enjoying the fact that a lot of what they carry is just so fun and Florida-ish. Unlike a lot of fabric stores, they actually have a great selection of fabrics in stock and ready to be cut right then and there. I only WISH the Washington area had a great fabric store like this (if anyone knows of one, I'm all ears, and please don't say G Street, ha).

I know that red coral branches have gotten kind of played, but gosh, this was just so striking.

I loved these "natural history" themed fabrics- the graphics remind me of old prints. The animals on the bottom is my favorite!

Interestingly enough, I remember about 10 years ago when Mac Fabrics was full of toile- and the other day I don't think I noticed a single toile! It must be "out", though I'll always love a good chionoiserie toile. And I'm sure it will be back.

2) While in Florida I dragged my mom to a couple more thrift stores and she actually made the great find of the week- this amazing elephant planter for only $4.99! It looks perfect in her sunroom, doesn't it?

3) The Washington Design Center Sample Sale is coming up on October 9th and I am SO excited to finally attend. It's from 10am to 3pm. Even if you don't plan to purchase anything, it's still so interesting to walk through the design center and get inspired. Since it's usually only open to the trade, this is a great chance to peek inside!

Some of the participants include AmericanEye, Baker Knapp & Tubbs, Century Furniture, DSA Associates, Herendon, Luxe Studio, Milano Group, Pugrant Associates, WILLEMSMITHDC, J Lambeth, Rist, Robert Allen/Beacon Hill, and Zoffany.

Have a wonderful long weekend, everyone! Don't let Earl get in the way of your fun. See you next week!


The Consummate Hostess said...

Love the elephant planter! I actually just purchased one a few weeks ago that is larger but the same idea and price point. There is something so boho 1970's fabulous about elephant planters!

Pemberley said...

How cute is that elephant!

Pigtown-Design said...

do you know about debois textiles in baltimore. it's literally 500 yards off the exit from i-95 on washington blvd.

Pat's Addition said...

Do you follow Pigtown Design? Meg goes to Debois Textiles (in Baltimore but that's close)for some great looking fabric finds.

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