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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chic Jewelry Displays

I vividly remember receiving my first jewelry box as a little girl.  It was white on the outside and lined in shiny turquoise fabric (polyester?) with a ballerina who danced en pointe when you wound the back and opened the box.  I used it to store my beloved panda ring (which I believe was only popular in my hometown of Gastonia, as no one else seems to have shared my affection for this objet d'art), my charm bracelet, and a Swatch Watch or two (often worn together, of course).  Today, however, my jewelry box holds only those pieces that I don't have occasion to wear on a regular basis.  The fact is, if I don't have the jewelry readily accessible or on display, I just do not remember to wear it.

Many us of today have opted against keeping jewelry (especially paste jewelry and beads) in that dusty leather box in the back of the closet and instead are displaying it front and center for the world to see.  It's a great colorful accessory that can look so chic in your home.

My sister stores her costume jewelry in vintage teacups and saucers in her dresser drawer.  The contrasting colors of the teacups and jewelry inspire some fabulous color combinations like turquoise and coral!

A lamp atop a lucite dresser perfectly displays necklaces and earrings in this Lonny vignette.

Outside the bedroom, a turquoise beaded necklace is a chic addition to an hermes-orange coffee table tray.

Alaina of Live Creating Yourself uses teacups and saucers to display jewelry in her beautiful bedroom. 

Bangle bracelets are some of my favorite accessories- the more the better! 

Arrange them into colorful rows....

Or build a tower of patterned enamel bracelets...
Apartment Therapy

Inspired by the towering stacks of bangles above and tired of hiding my bracelets in the closet, I decided to buy this heavy brass statue.  MoS Washington and I found her during a much too short trip to the Sleepy Poet just before closing time on Sunday.  I think she is actually a ballerina, which is a meaningful nod to my childhood jewelry box.

I placed her atop my dresser and added my favorite bangles. 

The ballerina is up to her eyeballs in bracelets...

So I removed a few bangles for a less haphazard look.

  Interested in a creative way to display your jewelry?  Try thinking outside the box and re-purposing something you may have never considered.  For example, this leggy brass crane just listed on MoS Marketplace is perfect for holding a very tall stack of bracelets!

Do you display your jewelry in a unique way?  Tell us about it!


TheStylishChick said...

You're right, if I can't see it in the morning, I don't use it. I have quite a collection of gorgeous statement necklaces, so I found an old bulletin board, framed it with an antique frame an now I display my collection on it using t-pins. Here's a pic:

Pagoda Press said...

Great article. I love having my jewelry displayed! I use antique bowls and even a paper towel holder for my bangles! I know it's illy, but it works! Here is the link..

Julie said...

I love the teacup idea! How beautiful. Most of my jewelry is in my closet and I don't wear 3/4s of it. Time to bring it out, which also leaves room for more shoes! Great post.

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

I like that you have your Hermes grouped w/ some Old Navy peices and I love that because I have both as well! xx

Kitsch-y-Cool Vintage said...

I'm totally stealing the Tower 'O Bangles idea!! Currently my bakelite bangle collection is housed in a shoebox (however usually tossed carelessly, not in neat rows:) ) Now I'm off to The Poet in search of a cool new piece to show them off!!!

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