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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MoS Obsessions: Vintage Glassware

Over the past few years, the internet and the accessibility it provides has started to even the playing field in terms of home decor.  While in the past it seemed as though all the cute fabric or wallpaper was "to the trade" only, that exclusivity is no longer a reality.  Certainly there are benefits to this accessibility, especially for those of us who want a beatiful home but don't have the wherewithal to hire a fancy designer.  But at the same time, that access has started to sour our palate for certain things like ghost chairs (guilty), imperial trellis, chiang mai dragon, ikat (guilty), and gourd lamps (guilty).  Furniture, fabrics, and accessories that were once "exclusive" and therefore somewhat unique are now popping up everywhere we turn around.  Thus, it has become more of a challenge to create a space that is unique and individual.

Decorating with vintage pieces is one of our favorite ways to set our homes apart from those of our neighbors.  As we have blogged about before, an ideal room strikes a balance between old and new, between luxury and big-box, mass-marketed items.  The new season of Mad Men has us all thinking about setting up a fabulous bar, and one of my favorite components of a bar is vintage glassware. 

With the goal of adding some individuality and glamour to my living room, I recently purchased a set of vintage glasses from eBay.  I wanted to add some vintage barware to my modern West Elm Butler Tray Bar, so I began the search online online.  I found this set of vintage gold glasses on eBay for a song. 
The glasses are from the 1960's.  The manufacturer is Imperial Glass, and the pattern is Shoji Gold. 

Right after I ordered them, I noticed the same pattern in this Scott's photo by Michael Blackwell on Eddie Ross's site

Sleepy Poet here in Charlotte has a great set of vintage gold bamboo glasses for $66. 

Your local antique and consignment shops may very well stock glasses like these.  If you prefer to hunt online, eBay and Etsy are both great resources.  Try searching for "Culver Glass" and "Imperial Glass" to start.  Here are some of my favorite online finds:

Lucky for you, the seller photographed this on an awful 1970's background, so it doesn't look so appealing.  Take away that background, and this set of glasses and a carafe would be fabulous in your home. 
eBay, $6

eBay, $25

eBay, $40

Etsy, $69

Aren't these glasses a unique way to add some glamour to your bar area?!


Loucinda said...

Thanks for the tips on how to find these neat vintage glasses. I have been coveting the ones on Mad Men. May need to find some for myself now!

Betsy said...

I agree with Loucinda about Mad Men and the vintage glasses. Great post--I want them all!!

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

What a great idea! Now I know what I want to add to my bar...I loved the set that you picked out!

Lalla said...

Those glasses are beautiful! What a great idea for adding some glamour to your already gorgeous living room!:)

Evie said...

Loves it! I am a HUGE, huge fan of vintage glasses...thanks for the ebay search tips!

eddieross said...

I am in love ith vintage gold glasses!!!

Anonymous said...

we have the glasses, does anyone know anything about the matching decanter. we have one. its awesome.

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