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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What to wear to your sister's high school graduation

Graduation season is upon us and of course we all want to find the perfect outfit to wear as we celebrate the accomplishments of our loved ones. Nothing says "congrats, Sis" like a transparent lace bodysuit and black lace-draped coolie hat, does it now?

Lady Gaga attends the graduation of her sister from The Covenant of the Sacred Heart in Manhattan.

Standing out from the crowd: Lady Gaga wears a nude, lace bodysuit, black veil and platforms as she attends her sister's high school graduation



Abby said...

hahaha! I totally thought this was a serious post - and timely since I am attending my stepbrother-in-law's high school graduation Saturday! :) Glad to say - that was not what I had in mind! ohhh LG!

camdesign said...

way to blend in to the crowd... Lady Gaga forgot it was her sisters day or what...not impressed!

Judith said...

At a Catholic School? Shame on her, but then she really has no shame or brain. Poor Lady Gaga never got attention as a child growing up and now she will do anything to finally get it. Pray for her people, she needs our prayers.

Carpe Diem said...

This style fits in with who she is. I would wear a maxi dress...but nothing that shows too much cleavage...with dressy flats.

Reese said...

Looks to me like Tokyo Rose, Suzie Wong, Elvis, Estee Lauder, Elton John and Our Lady of Disconsolate Misconception all had a hand in designing the outfit. I hope she has Fix A Flat in that purse, cause she's had 2 blowouts in the shoes.

Dobbygirl said...

The hat/veil looks like she's going to a funeral. And I think we are all over those shoes - she wears them nonstop *yawn* You know it would be more "shocking" (and we all know that's what she wants) if she just went in regular, respectful-for-the-occasion clothes.

Anonymous said...

I love Lady Gaga, but I agree with Camdesign - this was NOT her day, not the time to be drawing attention to herself. Selfish!

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