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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Quest for a Striped Dress

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a girl out at Daily Grill wearing the most adorable striped dress. It looked like a classic French navy-inspired top- thin stripes, boatneck, 3/4 sleeves, knit, easy fit- but a dress version. Since I have a mild obsession with all thing striped I thought I'd keep an eye out for something similar.

Three weeks later...I've tried on every striped dress along the Wisconsin Ave corridor, from Georgetown up to Friendship Heights, not to mention perusing every online option I can think of. Yet have absolutely nothing to show for my efforts. I keep reading that stripes are "in," but you'd never know it judging from how empty handed I've come up in my search. Here's a few highlights:

Marin Dress, J Crew. Epic fail. You could fit 3 of me inside the size XS of this dress. Don't let the pictures deceive you! This thing has a ridiculously unflattering cut. Behind that model there must be 5 clips giving the dress some semblance of shape!

French Connection Promenade Stripe Dress, Bloomingdales. Perfect (sans the 80's ponytail)! But....sold out in all but once size that of course isn't mine.
French Connection "Promenade Stripe" Short Sleeve Dress

Aqua striped dress, Bloomingdales. I don't plan on wearing a striped dress while rolling on up to a club. So, this Bebe-esque little number is out.
Aqua Striped Dress

Aqua silk dress, Bloomingdales. Cute, but a little fancier than I am looking for- I want something that can work casually for daytime. And they didn't have my size in the store.
Aqua Striped Silk Dress

Tie Front Flutter Sleeve Dress, Old Navy. Another promising option, ridiculously on sale to boot....that of course is sold out in all sizes except for XL. Anyone know if this is still in stores?

Mock two piece cabana dress, Old Navy. Promsing....but not exactly what I'm looking for.

Belted Nautical Stripe Tank Dress, Gap. So promising that I trekked to the Gap tonight after work, only to find they don't have this dress in the store. Foiled again!

A Line Dress with Cowl Neckline, Sarah Campbell. I spotted this adorable striped dress a few months ago on a mannequin outside Everards, but $350 is just too many beans for me to throw around for a casual dress like this.
A-line Dress with Cowl Neckline

Have you seen any good striped dresses out there lately (at a reasonable price point)? I would LOVE to hear your suggestions. Bonus points if you include a direct link! At the rate I'm going, I'll probably get my hands on a striped dress just in time for Barbour weather! But at least I'll be prepared for next summer...


downtownenvy said...

The Perilla Dress at Anthropologie. It looks awesome in black and the fit is not bad. A bit pricey cuz it's Anthro.

katiefitz said...

Sarah Campbell is having a tent sale tomorrow at her Boston I may have to stop by to see if it is on sale.

Angie said...

The French Connection dress is available at Zappos. On sale and free shipping!

Starfish and Sundresses said...

This Kate Spade dress is pricey but it's my favorite:

A little less expensive at Anthro:

Great deal at Lulus but not quite as nautical inspired:

Hope this helps! xx

Anonymous said...

You should check out Urban Outfitters. They have quite a few stripped dresses that are pretty cheap and in cute styles. Good luck!;jsessionid=EA944B34F0AB29E5063D6DF4087896B5.app17-node7?popId=&navAction=jump&isSortBy=true&navCount=0&pushId=WOMENS&id=W_APP_DRESSES

rosiecampbell said...

The top J. Crew dress is my favorite! Great summer wardobe staple.

Alicia B. Designs said...

I just bought a dress at H & M that looks most like the one that you liked at Bloomingdales. Its just a cute shift dress but with fun sleeves and you sound small will def fit! Good luck!

Alicia B.

Melissa said...

Perfect timing! I was just looking online at F21 this morning and found some options that fit the bill. I would suggest ordering online rather than going into the chaotic store in Montgomery. It's tiny and usually 100 degrees inside! And as a bonus, you can return to the brick and mortar store.

flip flop and fancy free said...

I tried on a cute tie front striped dress at Banana last week. It could go to work, or doesn't seem to be online :(, but its cute!

Karli @ RockyBella said...

Sears of all places has the CUTEST black and white dress. I've never shopped there, but while walking through to the appliance department a dress caught my eye and said "BUY ME!". For only $19.99 I agreed with it.

It is actually way cuter in person, and it is not super short like most dresses today. It covers all the back of the thigh lumps and bumps. ;)

Shantastic said... - target option - nordstrom option 1 - norstrom option 2 - macy's option

This was more fun than working. :)

Shantastic said...

And the gap has the option you mention online in all sizes.

they also have this one:

Andrea said...

Ooooh, you are totally making me want to go amd buy a striped dress! I like the blue and white one, so cute!

Lacquered Life said...

have you checked out Rugby? They have some really cute striped dresses in all different styles!

Danielle Sigwalt said...

Check out this one at shopbop..

There are other striped dresses on shopbop that are totally cute as well. Good Luck!

Rebecca said...

This one at Need Supply?

Lalla said...

I have the striped Anthro dress that is posted above, and it is super cute and has a nice fit!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

(should be with just black striped dresses. Too bad about the Marin--I had my eye on it!)

Jess said...

I got mine from Old Navy of all places and I adore it-- I can't wait to get back into it this summer after the baby is born-- I got it in early Spring though and I no longer see it on the Web site-- maybe try e-baying it?

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