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Monday, June 7, 2010


In less than two weeks I'll be traveling to Paris for the wedding of a family friend and couldn't be more excited! I have't been to Paris in six years, and never for a full week. I've been putting off my travel planning in an effort to get ahead at work, but it's time to start formulating a game plan.

I've got a few items on my to-do list and a few friends have already been more than generous with their intel, but today I'd love to hear from our fantastic readers- you all are a wealth of information. Any must-see museums that are off the beaten path (thinking of skipping the Louvre entirely)? The best flea market to hit, and any tips for navigating them? Any special little boutiques I shouldn't pass up- I'd love to find some "only in Paris" type shops? What's a better day trip, Giverny or Versailles?  Are there any particular restaurants that you swear by?

La tour Eiffel

31 Rue Cambon

Bikes & Bridges
Photo: Couple on bridge

Hotel Costes

The Seine
Photo: Fishermen on waterfront


I'd love to hear your recommendations, tips and tricks...I'm all ears! And can't wait to bring you MoS from Paris later this month!


Betsy said...

Wow--what a wonderful trip! I am so jealous--I think skipping the Louvre isn't such a bad idea at all. But don't miss the Musee d'Orsay. I pick Giverny over Versailles--and two of my fave parts of town are the Marais and Ile St. Louis. Have a fabulous trip!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I were there 2 weeks ago! I would definitely recommend the Fat Tire Bike Tour- It was our favorite thing we did. It's an American run company- they have a day tour and a night tour. We did the night tour, which ends with wine on a boat on the Seine! Look into it- they say if you break a sweat, you're doing something wrong, which was right! We had a great time. We also skipped the Louvre, but went up into the Eiffel Tower, which is a must. Go at sunset if possible. Rick Steves was our hero- a must buy!

The Girl and the Cupcake said...

Giverny and Versailles are both so magical, but I'd pick Versailles over Giverny if I had to choose for one day.

Go to the Louvre and eat at Cafe Marly overlooking the pyramid.

Merci is the cutest little store in the Marais.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Wow totally jealous! Enjoy it all!!!

How romantic a wedding in Paris!!!

Lalla said...

I agree with Betsy - Giverny over Versialles but try to do both!! Eat the crepes on the street with nutella and you have to sit at a cafe and drink coffee and people watch! What a great trip! So jealous! ; )

lovesbubbly said...

i love the Musée de l'Orangerie. It's been re-done and it's so much nicer and not crowded.

I recommend (and it may be required, can't remember) you reserve tickets. We reserved them a couple of days ahead. They give you a time to show up and you won't have to wait long to get in. There's a huge round room with massive Monet water lilly paintings going all the way around. They were actually made for the museum.

I also really like the Picasso museum. It's small, but there's a lot there. I like the mix of sculptures, pottery, paintings, drawings, and photographs of him.

Lauduree, the macaroon maker is a must. They're are several locations and there are other good macaroon places. But they are really yummy and the pretty boxes and bags make them all the better.

My favorite restaurants are mostly little cafes and bistros and non-French food.

If you like Thai food The Blue Elephant is seriously amazing. It is a chain, but there are only a few in Europe and Asia. Every time I'm in a city with one I try to hit it once or twice.

Chelsea Gwynne said...

L'entrecote!!! The best restaurant of my life. It's classic steak frites, but not in the oh-sigh american way, of course. It's a bit upscale, very chic, and I was amidst several french celebs the last time I was there!!

Have so much fun - It's my favorite place in the world next to Assisi Italy. Can't wait to see your pictures!

Brianna said...

Versailles was amazing!!! DH and I were a little bummed that they were doing some renovations while were there and were not able to see the full beauty of the Hall of Mirrors. Be forewarned though, it's somewhat tricky to get to, start early, it took us half a day to figure out the right train so we weren't able to see everything. The Louvre was also great, but I love art, it gets kinda crazy with all the tourists though, so we hit all the highlights then wandered around and enjoyed everything else

The Lunds said...

Not Martha ( has a great several-part post on her recent trip to Paris. Search under Travel in the top right corner. Also, a friend of a friend wrote Pink Slip Gourmet ( while she was recently there in culinary school. Lots of great tips on places to EAT!

Averill said...

So excited for you!!! Paris is magnificant.

dulci said...

Awesome -I just did a big post about my trip to Paris with tips and recommendations. Check it out here:

Make sure you go to Fragonard - an awesome shop in Paris with wonderful, affordable gifts!


Alison said...

HIGHLY recommend the sculpture garden at the Rodin Museum (right by Invalides)Its only 1 euro, and is perfectly uncrowded with lovely places to lounge all over the place (leave it to the French!)All of Rodin's most famous works are outside and its a lovely way to spend an hour. Truly my favorite museum experience after 4 trips to Paris!

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