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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Return of Wicker...

We've all seen bedrooms done in head-to-toe white wicker.  Maybe you even had one as a child.  So many of us did.

Maybe the thought of wicker INSIDE your home is a scary proposition.  We are the first to admit that too much of a good thing is bad.  And we really do think wicker is good!  It is perfect to add a textural element to a room.  And although it seems like every beach house has something wicker, it can be fabulous when used in a non-beachy setting! 

Take a look...

A chic wicker side chair with a graphic throw pillow in this Angie Hranowsky living room...
Angie Hranowsky

Oversize wicker baskets are perfect for storage if your desk is more form than function.
Decor Pad

Wicker storage baskets are perfect for holding stacks of magazines.
Angie Hranowsky

Paint a vintage wicker chair glossy black for a dramatic look.
Decor Pad

Or how about a wicker pendant light in a modern eclectic room?

Martha Stewart's guest house showcases the most traditional use of wicker, and it really is beautiful.
Martha Stewart

Our favorite of the bunch- Tom Scheerer does a fantastic job layering colors and textures by adding a wicker chair and ottoman to this living room.
Tom Scheerer

Who needs boring white when you can paint a wicker armchair bright coral?!
Photo courtesy of Style Carrott

A wicker swing provides cozy seating in a sunny bedroom.

A vintage wicker chair is the perfect place to set towels in this bathroom

Wicker peacock chairs add fabulous drama and height to a bedroom corner.
Charlotte Magazine Home and Garden

No one could ever accuse Nate Berkus of having beachy style, yet he uses oversize wicker baskets in many of his designs.
Nate Berkus

This little elephant makes a perfect sunroom coffee table.

If you want to add some wicker to your home...

I really can't believe this chair is from Pier 1.  Add a fun cushion, and it is just so stylish and chic as an occasional chair.  Think the Tom Scheerer room above.

If you aren't lucky enough to find a vintage elephant table as in the Lonny picture above, Pier 1 makes a brand new version on the cheap!

It is so difficult to find stylish barstools, but these seem just about perfect to me.

This ikea chaise is sort of fabulous.  We'd love to know if it's comfy!

How perfect would a set of these chairs be around a summertime dining table?  The price is right!

Of course, 1st Dibs has tons of fabulous wicker pieces at sky high prices.  But check Craigslist- you can often find fabulous wicker peacock chairs, etageres, and bar carts for a song!

So tell us your thoughts on wicker.  Outdated?  Good in small doses?  Outside only?


A Flair for Vintage Decor said...

How fun! I have a vintage wicker chair that I have been wondering what to do with....I think painting it a fun color is a great way to freshen it up!

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

Just shows that what's old is new again. I was a new homemaker in the 70's and I had 2 antique wicker chairs that I loved. Got rid of them in the 90's, and now I wish I had held on to them. Now I know why there are hoardes!! LOL
Thanks for the update!

The Gimlet Eye said...

I just posted recently about my love of wicker (scary!). I have the Leran pendant in our living room now and also professed my love of those ikea loungers. It is back, baby!

Lindsey said...

Get out of town... $30 dining chair! I might have to make a visit.

Anonymous said...

just bought a PBK twin bed in wicker at a garage sale this weekend. It is a classic and can be done so many different ways. Wicker is cool again!

Chic Coles said...

We have a bunch of wicker furniture on our porch in our house in NH. It is easy to care for and easy to change up if you want to paint it!

Shantastic said...

I found vintage wicker chairs on craigslist, painted them black, found some fun cushions - and now they're my fun seating vignette in my living room.

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