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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You don't know Jack

We all know this Jack by now. He's an old standby, reliable, the one you can always depend on every summer. He can get a bit tiresome if you're with him all day but regardless it's hard to leave the house without him. But before you and Jack get a rut, Jack wants you  to know that he has many sides.

Jack Rogers Women's Navajo Sandal

Jack is most comfortable in a resort environment, but he can be urban too, and dare we say it, a bit boho (Pompeii Sandals, $148).

Jack Rogers Women's Pompei Sandal

Jack is there for you even when you haven't had a pedicure and your feet are winter white (Rogers Slim Flat, $198).

Jack Rogers Sandals - Rogers Slim Black Leather

Jack can even make you a wee bit taller (Navajo Sardinia Midwedge, $122).

Sardinia Navajo Midwedge in Pewter Snake

Or if you prefer, he'll lift you sky-high (Hamptons Navajo Hi Wedge, $148).

Hamptons Navajo Hi Wedge in Silver

Jack has a softer side and will even bring you flowers (Fiori Pink Jelly, $98).

Jack Rogers Sandals - Fiori Pink Jelly

But Jack isn't afraid to unleash the call of the wild (Belle Python Flats, $198; Navajo Jaguar, $98).

Jack Rogers Sandals - Belle Buckle Cream PythonJack Rogers Sandals - Navajo Jaguar Tan / Camel Trim

Jack gets out of the box (Navajo Cabana Multi, $96).

Jack Rogers Sandals - Navajo Cabana Multi / White Trim

Though your relationship with Jack is mostly casual, he also dresses up and goes to cocktail parties if you ask him nicely (Navajo Dressy, $120).

Jack Rogers Sandals - Navajo Dressy Silver/Silver Trim

Jack even likes kids...awww! (Miss Navajo, $72).

Jack Rogers Sandals for Kids - Miss Navajo Fushia/White Trim Jack Rogers Sandals for Kids - Miss Navajo White/Silver Trim

Sometimes Jack can be a bit TOO risky and goes astray from his conservative roots (Marbella, $168)...but since you're so good 99% of the time, we're willing to overlook this slight transgression.

Jack Rogers Sandals - Marbella Platinum Leather

Happy spring and welcome back, Jack! Which Jack Rogers style is your favorite???


Emily Kathleen said...

Love this post! Besides the old standbys I'm loving the flats and the Navajo Hi Wedge. I'm totally with you on that last wedge though...not a fan!

Chelsea Gwynne said...

My favorite will be those that I find packed away with my "summer" things, and I hope the front of the sandals having rolled upwards from wearing them too close to the ocean.

Did you see that Target Merona brand has a near exact replica for $20?

Also - have you ever worn that other brand - I can't remember the name, that says THEY are the original shoe like this (gosh I wish I could remember!)

Pemberley said...

I like them all. Yes the last one is a little too Vegas for me. I think I'm ready for a new pair. Say hello to my little friend - Amex!

traci zeller designs said...

I'm all about my silver mid-wedge Jacks!

Chelsea - I think you are talking about Stephen Bonanno. I have a friend who swears they are more comfortable. I'm tempted to try, but so far I've stayed loyal!

MoS - thanks so much for finding my blog and commenting ... especially because now I've found your fabulous blog!

bailey said...

Love Jack Rogers! Their website has a lot of new products. I'm obsessed with their ballet flats. I can now wear Jack Rogers year round. check out their website

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