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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tasteful Tassels

This Lonny vignette has been widely circulated, often credited with the resurgence of campaign furniture, bright lacquered finishes, and gold faux bamboo mirrors.  We love all of these things, but we also can't help but notice the black silk tassels hanging from the drawers.   They are such a fantastic detail, and in fact, MoS Washington and I began searching for tassels the exact same day after seeing this picture, completely unbeknownst to each other. 

Tassels sometimes receive a bad reputation, and rightfully so.  For example:
However, they can be just the attention to detail that a space needs. 

Celerie Kemble hangs them from a chandelier, against a sunflower yellow backdrop.
Celerie Kemble Interiors

Hang a tassel from a doorknob, as in this graphic black and white entryway.
Photo Courtesy of Haus Maus Blog

Front and center on a small chest of drawers in this Jan Showers living room.
Jan Showers

Oversize and eyecatching, anchoring this light fixture to the ceiling.
John Stephanidis via Patricia Gray

On a traditional buffet by Kelley Interior Design (if you haven't checked Kelley Proxmire out before, her work is AMAZING).
Kelley Interior Design

Accessorizing a cheery yellow lamp in a children's bedroom.

One of my all-time favorite rooms, Melissa Rufty uses a tassel to soften up a rich wood chest of drawers.

A black silk tassel on a stark white lamp with a black shade, the perfect contrast.
Vanessa de Vargas

This black tassel pops perfectly against the shiny red chest of drawers.

On my desk lamp, a large beige tassel to add a bit of softness to my mirrored lamp.

Do you accessorize your home with tassels?


All things house and beautiful, UK said...

Great Post! I restored a cabinet at the weekend and you have inspired me to hang a tassle from the handle!

Lacquered Life said...

I love the tassel that you added to your lamp! It add an air of tradition to an otherwise mod lamp. Great job MoS girls!

Marija said...

Totally! A look I love! Marija

Averill said...

I don't, but I think I need to after seeing these pictures! Particularly love this look on the lamps.

bazaarofserendipity said...

none in my house and actually i didnt think I liked them until I saw this post :)

Pemberley said...

I have one small tassle hanging around a door nob. After seeing these lovely photos I know I need more!!

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