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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Junk in the Trunk

Sorry, I could not pass up an opportunity to use JITT as a post title. I promise this post is really about trunks rather than the phrase in the Urban Dictionary sense of the word!

A few weeks ago I was so flattered by all of your positive feedback on my sneaky solution, where I disguised the dreaded cat litter box in a vintage trunk. I'd been wanting an excuse to use an old trunk in my apartment for the longest time and am glad I finally found a great way to do double duty in terms of both decoration and function.

I love old trunks and are always drawn to them whenever I see them at antique/vintage stores. In a world where decor is becoming increasingly homogenized thanks to chain stores, online stores, and instant access to trends via blogs, there also comes a desire to have something that no one else has. Enter vintage trunks, which by their very nature are one of a kind. Each has its own story and the one you buy tomorrow will be different than the one you bought yesterday. In terms of getting a unique item that really makes a statement in your room, there is no better bang for your buck than a vintage trunk. My parents have an old camelback trunk that for years sat in the garage. When I was little I was convinced I'd find pirate treasure in it! Trunks have sort of a mythological quality to them, don't they? A perfect symbol of trips taken, lives lived long ago, and the lore of treasured objects once stored inside.

Trunks can be upscale casual, like this one in Country Living.

They can be utterly chic and sophisticated, like this one in Tommy Hilfiger's home (via Fashionphile).

Stacked suitcases with a clever wooden topper would make a perfect bedside table- they definitely don't have to be LV to lend a similarly striking effect!

My favorite part of this room isn't the LV trunk table (which, again, you could easily duplicate with a stylish old suitcase of your own), but rather, the fawn print rug. Fabulous!!! Mountain Living via Fashionphile

I spy a table identical to the one above...Louis Vuitton Pullman Case on Stand, 1st Dibs. Don't forget your coasters when serving drinks near this baby!
Louis Vuitton "Pullman" Case on Stand, Circa 1925

We've featured this room before, and love the black and gold trunk used as a small coffee table. Elle Decor

A smaller cube-style trunk makes a perfect bedside table or side table. Decorpad

What a perfect alternative to a bench at the end of a bed- swap in a vintage trunk and you've got a great place to store extra blankets.

Check out the above trunk's doppelganger on Craigslist DC!
image 1670456903-0

Painted trunks convey a more nautical theme. Coastal Living
Sea Features

As I mentioned, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg on a great vintage trunk; far from it. I saw a lot of great camelback trunks over the weekend at Ruff & Ready for under $100. And I just did a quick Craig consultation and look what I found all around the US of A!

Craigslist DC - $45
image 1665950781-0

Craigslist Charlotte- $60
image 1668695021-0

Craigslist Dallas- $50
image 1655105502-0

Craigslist New York -$120
image 1669909954-0

MoS Charlotte told me she already picked out my birthday present, this Vintage Goyard Steamer Trunk from  Malleries ($26,500). Isn't she generous? Ha! After all, we've got some catching up to do with Uncle Karl!
Vintage Goyard Steamer Trunk  

Do you have any vintage trunks in your home? How do you use them? Or how would you like to use them? Everyone needs a little JITT!


Debby Lee said...

Great post! I love the LV trunk too. You've got me thinking... I could use something at the foot of my bed.. a vintage trunk would look fantastic!

hello gorgeous said...


Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

I love the worn vintage favorites being the old Goyard pieces. By the way I was very impressed with how you created a litter box out of your trunk! xx

NYCLQ said...

funny... my mom has a trunk my father had made, and it just looked so dated... you've inspired me to look at it differently now...
Thanks for sharing...

:D Lynda

camdesign said...

I was so impressed by your use of the truck for the cat litter box holder...
I have 3 trucks in our home, the first one is a small shelf size one that was my mothers (70 years ago) her Auntie gave it to her to hold doll clothes, I keep it on a shelf in my office, full of special papers.
the second one is again a family piece, a large truck purchased in the early 1900's by my husbands grandparents in Paris when they bought to much for the 2 trucks they already had with them during one of their many trips to Europe, it has tags on it from the Cunard Whitestar Lines... first class no less, we use it for a coffee table in our livingroom.
the third one is a sweet small curved top one I purchased on vacation on Vancouver Island, I was so pleased that year that we have drove for vacation instead of flying...but I must admit I think I would have mailed it back to myself so not to miss out on to has tags on it from the South Western Hotel in Southamton, England, for now it moves to different locations in the livingroom.
I love each and everyone...each one has a special place in my heart...trucks are wonderful design elements in a home, I feel everyone should find a special place for one in their home.

Cheri said...

I got the DC craigslist trunk!

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