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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Inspiration from Dale Chihuly

Around Charlotte, the most frequently discussed "Dale" is of the #88 variety, a fast driver with a penchant for the Old West, to which anyone who has seen his Cribs can attest. 

Sorry, Junior, but there's another sheriff in town

Dale Chihuly's fabulous Royal Blue Mint Chandelier is being disassembled and transported from the Mint Museum of Craft and Design to the new Mint Museum Uptown at the Wells Fargo Cultural Campus.  A team of workers from Chihuly Studios in Seattle has arrived to facilitate the move.

This 2200 pound blown glass chandelier has been a source of inspiration for many Charlotteans, myself included.  I could spend hours staring at its intricacies, the way the blown glass catches the light, the myriad of colors that seem to change as the sun moves through Uptown.  

Dale Chihuly is a Seattle-based artist who uses blown glass to create awe-inspiring works of art.  He was born in 1941 and spent the first part of his career as a glassworking teacher.  He originally focused on temporary outdoor glass projects, such as floating glass bubbles on a pond.  Chihuly introduced his towers and chandeliers, for which he is now most famous, via the Seattle Art Museum in the early 1990's.

Dale Chihuly has designed and installed his dramatic blown glass forms all over the world.  His initial pieces were more monochromatic, but his foray into bright colors has made his work so dramatic and memorable.  He uses the most perfect color combinations, combinations which are fantastic inspiration for interior design.

Cool greens and turquoises at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

Sunny yellow at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Victoria and Albert

Striking red against a perfectly blue sky at the Naples Museum of Art

The colors of the sun, at the de Young in San Francisco

Muted purples, oranges, and pinks against a white church

Shiny turquoise against a crumbling stucco and stone backdrop


Grapey purple against a white background with pops of yellow

Striking yellow and red

Lush greens and blues

Hot hot hot at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens

Red, yellow, and green at the Canal Pond at Chatsworth

A squiggly yellow tower

Contrasting smooth window arches with this tower's unkempt curly-q's

One Lincoln Tower- a condo staged for sale with a Chihuly chandelier.  We'll take it!

 A grouping of Chihuly chandeliers over a mile-long table, featured in Metropolitan Home in 2007

Dale Chihuly's bookshelf at home.  He likes to see the cloth of the book, so he displays the books with their colorful covers facing out.  LOVE.

Are you feeling as inspired as we are? 

Photos and information courtesy of The Charlotte Observer, Metropolitan Home,


Sally@DivineDistractions said...

Thanks for the inspiration this morning! I have seen singular pieces, but to scroll thorough photo after photo was a different experience. Can you imagine what the installations must be like? Or packing them up to move them??? Oh,my!

Lindsey said...

You forgot to mention the Bellagio ceiling as well!!! I love Chihuly's work! It's so amazing. We studied his work in college.

Averill said...

I saw the Chihuly @ the V&A when we were in London last year and it's incredibly striking in person. The contrast of the modern glass (and the scale!) in the gorgeous and very traditional rotunda is so gorgeous.

Anne said...

I love Chihuly's work, too. Scrolling through so many swirls of color was just what I needed on a gray afternoon. A Chihuly chandelier is being installed this very week at the Columbia Museum of Art - I'm so excited for and proud of my hometown. Can't wait to see it in person! (You can see pics at

Anonymous said...

These are all so pretty! I love the "grape" one. I can't wait to see "ours" reassembled in the new Mint uptown. Cool entry! Loucinda

Chelsea Gwynne said...

There is actually a beautiful Chihuly in the middle of the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut. I am always shocked when I go there (which I intend to be rarely) and the thing is covered in dust! Dust must not tarnish a Chihuly piece!

Pemberley said...

My very first blog post was about Dale Chihuly way way back in Jan. Weather is absolutly perfect down here and 50+ sunblock is a must. The water is so many shades of clear blue it just takes your breath away.

RBF121309 said...

Those chandeliers are gorgeous! I have seen the one at the museum downtown in Charlotte and loved it but never knew much about it. Great post!

maryanne said...

Here in Columbia, SC we are celebrating the first installation of a Chihuly Chandelier at the Columbia Museum of Art!

The video with time lapse is fun to see! Thanks MOS girls!

Sophie said...

wow,. it's look great inspiration, may I Put it into my blog ? Thanks.

Jane said...

Those vibrant colors from Dale Chihuly are simply amazing.

tory burch said...

good post!

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