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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Round 3 of Reader DIY Projects!

The Perfect Console
We posted about the perfect combination of items on a console table here.   Caitlin Wilson, the blogger behind Style Files and an interior designer living in Dubai, shared her home's entryway with us.

First on the list are these stunning vases that she purchased at Global Village in Dubai.

On the floor beneath the console table is a plant in a gorgeous blue-and-white chinoiserie cachepot.  Did we mention that we LOVE her rug?

On the wall over the console is a fabulous starburst mirror! 

And the finished product- perfectly welcoming, elegant, and stylish!  We think every entryway needs a gorgeous orchid like Caitlin's!

Magnetic Bulletin Board
Jennifer of Eisenhart Interiors shared this creative magnetic bulletin board idea with us!  Everyone loves inspiration boards and bulletin boards to hold pictures of loved ones, but no one likes to stick holes in special photos.  Enter Jennifer's creative and inexpensive idea! 

First, she goes to craft stores to buy an inexpensive large frame (look for a discounted one with a broken glass, because you don't need the glass).  Then, she gets a piece of sheet metal cut at her local hardware store (she cuts it herself, but if you aren't quite that brave, I'm sure they will cut it for you!).  Have the sheet metal cut to fit inside the frame.

Then, get some fun fabric that's not too thick to cover the metal.  You want to make sure that it's thin enough to hold a magnet.  Glue the covered metal into the frame, and you have a stylish "tackless" bulletin board for your kitchen or office!

Antique Starfish Window Art
We love the idea of repurposing something old and using it in a new and unique way!  Wendy was faced with the challenge of furnishing her beach house on a tight budget.  In particular, she needed something inexpensive to hang on a wall.  A challenge like this so often breeds creativity, as is evident here. 

Using an old window that her father-in-law gave her from his garden shed, Wendy hung the window horizontally and added beautiful starfish she had found at the beach.  What a perfect way to use a "found" object that also has significance (and was nearly free!).

A Striped Feature Wall
We have posted before about our infatuation with stripes.  I have them in my own entryway and hall.  They are timeless and elegant and always make a room fresh!
Catherine from Chic Geek's DIY project involves a fun twist on traditional stripes.  Instead of the typical vertical stripes, she striped her wall with wide horizontal stripes, and it looks amazing!

First, she used a level to line the walls.   She decided on thick 8-inch stripes for a dramatic look.

After marking the stripes 8 inches apart, they taped.  If you try this at home, remember when you are taping to alternate the tape inside and outside your lines, in order to make even stripes. 

Then, the fun part- painting!!  Marking and taping can be tedious, but it's important to do it very carefully.

And the even more fun part- removing the tape to see the finished product!  Perfection!  We love what the stripes add to Catherine's room!

Do you feel as inspired as we do?!  We are continuously impressed by our readers' creativity and resourcefulness!


Mrs. Bogarde said...

I am so impressed with all of the entries! I would love a striped feature wall in my bedroom

Pemberley said...

Those stripes are fantastic! The question is how do you deal with the significant other? I can hear my husband now - stripes, are you kidding me?!

Chic Geek said...

Thanks so much for featuring my wall ladies! I'm loving this series, tons of inspiration!!

Jaime said...

Love the striped wall! :)

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