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Thursday, March 18, 2010

MoS Obsessions: Vintage Silver Trophies

Between our recent posts on matchbooks, vintage postcards, and now vintage silver trophies, you might think we are eligible contestants for the next episode of Hoarders...  But just have to share our latest obsession:  vintage silver trophies. 

While recently browsing with friends at the Sleepy Poet, we spotted a fantastic collection of vintage silverplate trophies.  I wish I had a picture, but they were gorgeous, large and around $60-ish each.  My friend was debating purchasing them to display in the study of her new (old) home.  She eventually opted not to buy, but now she has me wanting to go back and pick them up!

Mark Badgley and James Mischka use trophies in a dramatic way in their beautiful home. 
Elle Decor- home of Mark Badgley and James Mischka

In one of my favorite homes in Southern Accents ever, vintage silver trophies are used as a vase for soft peonies on a vanity.
Southern Accents

So gorgeous on this skirted table.
Amanda Nisbet

They even work in a rustic setting.
Country Living

Eddie Ross knows how to display collections better than anyone else!

You can even use one in a powder room.  Not sure we would replicate this look, but the vintage silver trophy atop a pedastal adds drama.
Grant K. Gibson in San Francisco Magazine

What a stylish way to house a pair of ferns!
High Street Market

Prettily displayed in a window in Traditional Home

Traditional Home

Elegant pairing with evergreens in the kitchen at Christmas.
Simply Seleta

Atop a china cabinet in a simple sitting room.
House Beautiful

A fabulous collection.
Paris Hotel Boutique

Centered on a dining room buffet.
Rural Intelligence

Perfect to add some height to your silver tea service.
Southern Accents

There are absolutely fantastic vintage silver and silverplate trophies you can use to start your own collection.  What a special way to recognize your hometown or college or country club!  Antique stores often have them, and eBay is full of them as well.  A quick search for "silver trophy" or "silver love cup" will yield some great results!
Ebay, currently at $20

Ebay, currently at $385

Do you have any vintage trophies in your home? 


Sally@DivineDistractions said...

I love the regal look that the trophies give to any space. What a unique idea, and clever of you to showcase this for us....never would have thought...but I will now! I especially like the tarnished ones that don't have to be polished!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

What a great idea. I love the huge collection in the first image and the use of them in unexpected ways, like as a vessel for evergreens.

Dana Gibson said...

Yes I do accasionally. But I love the way they are used in the Simply Seleta Pic. FYI part of a silver tea set is used in this shot. Years ago I say a silver creaer and sugar bowl (with fresh blooms) on a British mantel and loved the look. You have reminded me how good this can look.

Julie said...

*sigh* I wish I'd bought them!

Lacquered Life said...

I guess I should start stalking my father's closets for all of his old trophies, b/c he certainly has a fair amount of them! I think they look best when they are jumbled together in all different shapes and sizes!

980SMRTRTHNU said...

Are you aware that some of these are actually silver waste bowls, NOT trophies?? Just wanted to be sure you knew there was a difference in the two!

erica@ moth design+luxe life said...

My friend Thomas Smythe has a fantastic collection of trophies. I'd swoon every year at his Christmas party. Love love love this post! xo

Andrew Campbell said...

Being a collector of antique pieces, the picture of the trophy wall display you’ve posted has given me some ideas on how to nicely show off my silver trays. I have accumulated so many of them that I couldn’t decide how or how many to put out; should I group them by their shape, size, pattern, design… it was a little overwhelming. I also like the one from Traditional Home where the trays have been mounted aside the windows. I had a similar idea, but thought it might be over the top. These pictures have helped a lot!

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