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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Low Tables with High Style

We are the first to admit that the super low platform tables from West Elm and Ikea aren't really our thing.  In fact, if we see any more "espresso" wood furniture we might go over the edge.  We can, however, find a place in nearly any home for a low chinoiserie style platform table.

Here is a good example:

Notice the signature waisted top and curved corner legs.  They became popular towards the end of the Ming dynasty (1600's), and in fact, they were often bed platforms rather than tables.  They are sturdy, practical, and of course, beautiful. 

What a perfect way to add some chinoiserie style to your room without making it feel to themey (that would be the decor parallel to Tim Gunn's "costumey").  These tables really work well with many different styles.  We like them best when they are mixed with other non-chinoiserie pieces in a room.

A chinoiserie platform coffee table with twill slipcovered furniture seems like an unlikely pair, but it looks beautiful here!  Did we mention that we want those floor-to-ceiling windows?
Cottage Living

It also works well in this traditional and cozy living room.
Michael S. Smith in Elle Decor

Our favorite of the bunch- glossy lacquered white
Mary McDonald in Domino

With casual woven furniture and twill cotton cushions

Southern Accents

In that almost peachy finish that we love to hate.  But Meg knows how to do it right!
Meg Braff

In a sunny living room with chintz abounding
Meg Braff

Paired with pretty pastels in Marjorie Gubelman's NYC apartment
Marjorie Gubelman in Elle Decor

So simple yet beautiful in a French country home

And my latest Craigslist find for my downstairs den...
Perfect for kicking up your feet to watch tv, holding drinks when visiting with friends, and providing support (soon enough) for a baby who wants to stand up.

It needs a little work due to some scratches, but nothing some Old English (as in furniture polish, not the libation) can't fix. 

The size is perfect for my big open finished basement.  The lines are just what I wanted, and the brass detailing at the corners adds a little something special.  

It was $50 from a guy clearing out his bachelor pad to make way for his new wife's furniture.  Apparently she does not approve of this diamond in the rough.  Bachelor's description: "Square Brown Coffee Table." 

We just hope its replacement isn't espresso.


SandraLeeRocks said...

hahaha "we just hope its replacement isn't expresso"

blydesign said...

Love those bowed leg tables...very Asian! What a great find on Craigslist as well ;)

Lacquered Life said...

Great find! Are you planning on keeping it the color of the wood, or do you have any plans to paint it? You know how I love a good lacquer, but it might also look chic in a matte paint!

Anonymous said...

just wanted to share a picture of a table I just came across on craigslist, fitting for your post!
I hope this link works!

Patty said...

Oh man I want those curtains too they're so perfect!

Averill said...

Oooh I want one!

KimW said...

Darn, guess I don't need to email him back. I have been searching forever for a table like this. I was supposed to pick this table up from the guy(charlotte craigslist) and my kids soccer game got in the way of the guy's schedule. My loss, your gain. hunt continues.

The Matters of Style Girls said...

KimW, I bought this about a month ago, so it might not be the same table! Hope you find it!

KimW said...

Naw, it was ths same posting (I let March get away from me). Looks better in your room anyway! I was going to try to channel my inner diva and lacquer it white or tomato red. I am a big believer in design karma....I'll find "it" when the time is right :) Enjoy!

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