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Friday, March 12, 2010

DIY Challenge- the Top Three Runners Up!

It's the last day of our DIY week and we hope you're enjoying these projects as much as we are! We'll announce the big winner later on this morning, but in the meantime, here are our top three runners up!

Hanna's Rescue Chairs

Hana from New York rescued these dining chairs that were left for the trash on the street. I have to say I am so intrigued by all the great things people find on the curb in New York! I'd be dragging stuff home left and right if I lived there! 

First, I stripped them down to their frames. Then, I re-cushioned the seats and backs with new padding because the old foam was deteriorating. Next, I sanded - painted - sanded - painted until these little chairs were high gloss black instead of scuffed wood. They are upholstered in 3in black & white striped fabric, with double piping on the seat. 

Hana added the nail heads one by one to make them a little "edgy." Which is impressive- I get impatient enough with the nailhead trim kit where you only have to hammer one tack for every five nailheads!

Natalie's Love it to "Pieces" Dresser

Natalie from The Famous Home emailed us about her bananas dresser makeover! She was inspired by this dresser from Pieces, which other than the $3,600 pricetag, is pretty much perfection.
Says Natalie, 
The dresser turned out lovely, I couldn’t be happier! John and I prepped it by giving the surfaces a light sanding with 300 grid paper and giving a final wipe down with some sort of car product used before painting. 

Natalie's father-in-law sprayed it for her using acrylic enamel car paint. Lucky her- that's quite a handy father-in-law. They should go into the furniture makeover business together!

And the finished project- you could tell us that's the $3,600 version from Pieces and we'd believe you! It's SO similar. Great eye, Natalie.

We also think Natalie's clever solution for dealing with pesky wires bears a mention- she puts them all in a cheerful little box so they are hidden. I may have to give this a try with my TV/cable/modem/routers wires that I've stuffed precariously behind my dresser!

Jessie's Bench Makeover

Jessie at The Gimlet Eye found these lovely, but understated, benches on Ebay for $20. A bargain, but they could use some spicing up!

She broke out our very favorite secret weapon- nailhead trim kit.

And some gorgous bamboo lattice print fabric- and it's hard to tell it's even the same bench as before! This is a fabulous idea. She made a pair of them, which would look so fantastic tucked under a console table.


Jessie said...

Thanks, girls, for including my little ole ottoman project on your DIY runners up post! I am honored. I have LOVED this week of DIY so very inspiring! The white dresser is a stunner. I hope you do it again soon! Have a wonderful weekend...TGIF!

Nina said...

Wow, that dresser makeover is absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see who the winner has been so fun to see all of these this week!

boops said...

yay Natalie!!!!!

hana said...

thanks for including my chairs!!

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