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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Animal House

The inspiration for today's post comes from MoS reader Julia, who emailed us to share a picture of the amazing deco horse head table that some of her guy friends snagged at the Goodwill in Rockville, MD. Clearly they appreciate the magnitude of their find since they've taken such care to accessorize it with artfully arranged Bud Light cans and styrofoam plates, right? Despite her pleading, the guys refuse to surrender it to Julia, so she was hoping we could point her in the right direction in terms of finding her own animal-themed furniture.

The table that started it all...

The closest thing we could find is this Romeo Tamani Horsehead Table from 1st Dibs, price available upon request (never a good sign). And we actually like the deco-style horseheads in the first picture much beteter than these more literally sculptured heads.
Impressive Oversized Horse Head Coffee Table by Romeo Tamanti

Of course, we can always think a bit smaller for something like this. A horsehead table is a one in a million find, but there are other ways to inject some animal influences into your home.



Bronze Horse Head Lamp, 1st Dibs; Horse Table Lamp, Jonathan Adler
And don't forget the gazelle- another fabulous animal that has inspired some striking home furniture and accessories. We love the sweeping, exaggerated lines of the antlers in these pieces.

Hilary Thomas

Gazelle bookends, Ebay; polished Gazelle Sulpture, 1st Dibs

Gazelle Bookends, Ebay

A grab bag of some other fabulous animal accents for the home.

Playful seahorses- Susan Wheeler via Decorno

Ceramic whippet; vintage zebra head ink drawing, both from C. Bell Furnishing in West Palm Beach, FL.

Life-sized dogs like the one shown above are so much fun to add character to a room. Remember this live sized boxer I saw at Circa Who in West Palm a few months ago? Just keep on the lookout for these guys, I've seen them at junky antique places and fancy ones, you just never know where they'll pop up.

We're also a fan of elephants, and love this little Two's Company side table from Burke Decor.
Elephant Side Table in Ceramic

Also, you could easily make a striking coffee table by scooping up a pair of these elephant garden stools (two of them are available on ebay, or we see things like this all the time both online or in stylish resale stores). Since they've got a flat top and are fairly low to the ground, you could simply add a glass top to them and you've got a unique table.

So, Julia, we hope we've given you some ideas for infusing animal themed furniture and accents into your home. And as for that horse head table...we at MoS never advocate vigilante justice, but at some point you may just need to don your best ski mask and give it the home it deserves! We won't say a word...


goheels83 said...

Julia - that story is fantastic. I am dying laughing at the Bud Light cans. Typical guys!!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

All super fun accents! I am not sure I am ready for such a statement but fun to look at! xx

bluehydrangea said...

I just saw some big horse heads at HomeGoods. They were big enough to scare me a little but not quite as big as the ones used for a table. Maybe you could put them on a small wood stand or block to give them some height. Good Luck!

Ann Marie said...

Love the horse lamp from Jonathan Adler - that would love great in a kids room!!!

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