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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Perfect Match

Matchbooks are one of my favorite items to collect.  While I didn't intentionally start a collection, I have picked them up over the years, in restaurants, hotels, and (gasp) bars.  Matchbooks really are the perfect souvenir- inexpensive, practical, and most importantly, they tell a story and allow me to relive special memories.  Although we certainly are in favor of smoke-free bars and restaurants, it is a little saddening to see matchbooks becoming a thing of the past.

The last time MoS Washington visited, she commented on my collection, and it made me realize that (unintentionally), I have accessorized with them all over my house.  Matchbooks are colorful and fun, and they add a personal touch to each room.

In my den, I have a little goldfish tray full of matches sitting on Kelly Wearstler's Hue and a vintage Vogue on my coffee table.

In a silver revere bowl atop my living room desk....

In a Michael Aram coral bowl in my entryway, centered on my faux bamboo console...

On a John Derian for Target tray in the downstairs den...

In my bathroom vanity...

Some favorites and why they are special to me....

Ranch House- Charlotte steakhouse frequented by three generations of my family
Guero's Taco Bar- a trip to Austin, Texas with college friends
Intercontinental Hotel- same trip to Austin
Zink American Kitchen- fun uptown Charlotte restaurant with yummy lobster mac and cheese
Melia Hotels- trip to Madrid with my husband
300 East- Charlotte restaurant in Dilworth
Serafina- trip to NYC with my husband to visit friends
Frankie's- Charlotte favorite (go-to for business lunches) that recently closed
Sunset Key- Key West with my inlaws
Carpe Diem- one of my favorite Charlotte restaurants
Wynn Las Vegas- husband's business trip
LobSteer Inn- Pinehurst NC for a work retreat (why does my husband's job sound so much more exciting?)
Blue Water Grill- NYC trip with college friends
Fenwick's- neighborhood restaurant that has been around forever
Oceanaire- good seafood, sadly closed recently here in Charlotte
5 Cool Rooms- trip to Buenos Aires with my husband
Soby's- Greenville, SC, where my sister went to college
Petit St. Vincent- our honeymoon!
Myers Park Country Club, here in Charlotte
Trattoria Dapo Teatro- NYC trip with my mom and sister
Milano Italian restaurant- the after-church restaurant where I grew up in Gastonia, NC
The Woodshed- old steakhouse with model trains in Stanley, NC

If you haven't collected them over the years, don't fret!  While they don't have much sentimental value, you can buy gorgeous matchbooks like these pictured below.  They always look so pretty beside a candle.

Iomoi, $12

Do you save matchbooks?  Do you have any that are special to you?


tarheel said...

they're hard to find! I grab them when I see them. I live in Charlotte, too and didn't realize that some of those places even have them anymore. I must get some from MPCC- maybe I'll see you one day!

LindsB said...

I love matchbooks too! I have a bunch that I just put in a large glass jar because I loved all the different colors. Its fun to look back at them and remember great meals and trips taken with my boyfriend.

PS- love the bamboo console in your front hall!!

Hannah said...

I love how you've decorated with matchbooks, and it reminded me of a project from Erika at Urban Grace. She ran across a scrapbook of matchbook covers and then put them in shadowboxes and hung them above a couch in her study. Check out her two posts on the topic below, in case you ever decide you want to display your matchbooks differently.

Let me know if the links don't work, I don't really comment on blogs very often.


tinypaperheart said...

very cool matchbook collection! :)

Chic Coles said...

Matchbooks are such a great way to document where you've been! It is so fun to see the different designs that restaurants and bars incorporate on their matchbooks!

Laura said...

After looking at your matchbook collection I am convinced that I know you some how!

bazaarofserendipity said...

What a great idea! simple and easy, I love how in the bowl they add little pops of color. :)

pcw said...

Zebra in Charlotte is one of my fave restaurants, the interior is fantastic. A great addition to the matchbook collection and a wonderful meal to boot!

Erin B. said...

I have an antique candy jar that I have matchbooks in that I've picked up all over the world. While I'm glad that public places are going smoke free I am sad that will mean no more matches.

(BTW S, I would give an organ for the faux bamboo console. I'm obsessed and it's just so hard to find this far north.)

Jaime said...

I am going to feature this in my Friday Faves wrap up post today- check back to my blog after 3! :)

Happy weekend!

carlee said...

YES! I grab them every single place that has them! No idea what I'm going to do with them!

Narf said...

Matchbooks are great to collect. I'm here in Charlotte and have a large bag in my closet filled with newlywed matchbooks from 31 years ago--mostly from Washington, DC. They were rounded up in 1985 when our first daughter was born. Thanks for reminding me--at least until we have grandkids around! We're here in Charlotte too and are also at MPCC. Probably the best matchbook we own is the one my husband took as a souvenir when he flew on Air Force One with his boss to visit the hurricane-ravaged Alabama coast in 1979. I do enjoy your blog and recommend that you check out James Lileks' website for lots of nostalgic matchbooks.

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